🎬 2AM: The Smiling Man 😁 - A Scary Short Horror Film

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A man is walking home down a suburban street at 2 o'clock in the morning. It is quiet with no-one around.
He notices a tall, slim man standing there on the path like a statue, who then emerges from the shadows doing some kind of strange twisted dancing!
The man decides that the best course of action is to avoid this man like the plague, and Crosse's the road.
Once on the other side of the road he stops and turns around to find the smiling man is motionless again, frozen in a strange pose, staring into the air above.
The man sets off again and walks only a few paces, then turns around to find the smiling man has quickly crossed the road and is in a crouched position.
He gets up and starts walking towards him in a bizarre and creepy fashion. Now close to him the man says "What the hell do you want" - which is met with the smiling man doing a strange and peculiar twirl! Followed by him walking away.
The man briefly sighs in relief and continues walking, but soon turns round to find the smiling man running towards him. Extremely disturbed and fearing for his life he runs like the wind to try and escape from the dreaded smiling man...

Will he evade capture and live to tell the tale?

Your gonna have to watch the film I'm afraid!!! 😁

This is one of the creepiest short films I have ever seen. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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Source - Michael Evans (YT channel)


Looks like fun.

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That walk though!

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Funny ain't it!

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This gave me the creeps. Nice short film!

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