Her Secrets

in fiftywords •  11 months ago  (edited)

Submission into @jayna’s - 50-word story challenge



Her countless untold mysteries, beneath the mercurial blanket of blue...

Her seductive allure has tempted many to uncover them, under all manner of guises. They come from far and wide brave and ignorant alike.

She reveals little to nothing of her secrets; as she racks up her tally even further...



Image: Wikimedia Commons

Wishing You - Love, Light and Peace


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This is a lovely picture! It's quite amazing how much the water bodies can conceal.


Thank-you for your comment and support!

Hai...You have a special skill for writing.....This is the best platform to nurture your talent....Keep on writing...

One day every one will recognize your efforts...

Thank you and Stay blessed


Thank you, for your kind words. Yes, everyone here is very supportive.

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Thank-you, I will look into this option.

Great post, very inspiring.


Thank-you, I appreciate the visit.

She is all powerful! Great story, @whitelite! Such a lovely line:

beneath the mercurial blanket of blue

A very enjoyable read!


Thank-you @jayna, I'm terribly pleased to have produced a line that you love, and indeed to have satisfied the criteria of the challenge.

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