The Fifth Element- 50-word challenge

Quintessence, The Fifth Element;

I seek that which exists between my ears guiding my terrestrial spirit.

A vast consciousness where creation is sparked, imagination fed.

An infinite sea of dark matter, where my dreams are built and my nightmares hide.

The space in which I am both eternal and divine.


This is my entry to the Fifty-word challenge hosted by @jayna. For more information here is the link:
This weeks one-word prompt was "Space"



Lovely work! A marvellous piece of writing! In energy meditation space is such an important element. Its the source of everything and a wonderful place to get in touch with your true nature. Beautifully captured in your words.

Thank you Margot! I wish there were simpler ways to express feelings or ideas! I struggle a lot just to assemble a few words together to get a message across! I can sit and contemplate those deep thoughts in my head all day long, but trying to explain it to others using the English language without sounding too pretentious is still challenging. I'm glad you connected and understood!

It's an art. Speak from your heart . write til it feels good! Treasures always appear somewhere on the page that you weren't expecting.

I like that; very cool.

Ohhh, interesting! I had to go look up quintessence, and there are actually a number of definitions. But this one probably makes the most sense:

a hypothetical form of dark energy, postulated to explain the accelerating universe.

I would love to hear a little more about your thoughts behind this piece.

The words you've chosen for this story are so rich and beautiful.

Thank you @jayna! I think when I pictured the word "space" in my mind I wanted to capture what we never think of or see... I believe in the five energies or elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit or Space.
Spirit, or Space, (the fifth element/quintessence) is what some others may actually consider to be God... The 'All' of everything, even in the dark void, the so-called emptiness in between the things we can see... that space of emptiness where all things begin and end.

Sorry for the delay in responding. Thank you for the wonderful explanation. (Lifts jaw up off floor.) This is amazing. I love the fact that you dealt with this incredible complex topic in a 50 word short story. And it's very well done!

Thanks for saying so @jayna... I am happy that you enjoyed it! :)

Now I want a Fifth Element sequel!

Lol @enjar!
Real life is so much more interesting than a sci-fi movie, don't you think?

That's a nice space to be then...

@wales that is definitely how I was feeling it!


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