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RE: Check, Please - Fifty Word Challenge

in #fiftywords4 years ago

I remain unconvinced this is not the second part of a trilogy you started last week.

Will our couple find their way back? Or are they doomed to live lonely lives filled with solitary slices of pie and nosy waitresses?

Stay tuned!


No, last week's couple is two blocks away at the all-you-can-eat buffet, and the missus just revealed she's pregnant with twins!

Meanwhile, several other characters who may or may not have previously had relationships and/or amnesia experience angst-ridden moments of love/fear/heartbreak/grief.

thank you for watching Generic Soap Opera

In any case, this story is a lesson for why a man should never order a hamburger at a fine French restaurant.

I would still do it
Hopefully my wife can't get the ring off her finger the next time I do it

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