50 Word Story Contest 3- COACH >> Announcement of Winners of 700 Trail and 10 Steem

The third week of the 50 word story contest has come to end, this week saw more amazing entries, and picking the winners was not easy as the quality of the stories were great.

The goal of this contest is to encourage the newer writers on steemit and provide the exposure they need. We all know what it’s like to agonize over an article, hoping it’ll get the recognition our efforts long for. Were it not for support guilds like @curie, many people new to steemit would have found it all very daunting.

With a desire to promote authors who likely haven’t been recognised yet, this contest only includes Steemians with a Reputation score of 55 and below.

First Place :Eyes Wide Shut @advent

NO! Not a coach in sight
I can’t save her
I can’t show my face again
On the tracks he sat
The train, inching closer
A little boy, laughing in the background
Why didn’t he just take the train mommy?
He did honey, in the only way he knew how..

Second Place : Job vacancy –Coach @vegan-mowgli

Self to self:
"Stop playing this game,
Please change the coach,
He makes you feel bad,
Has the wrong approach!
Thinking you'll always blow,
You should just quit and go,
Saying you're the worst of all,
Fall, fall, fall, FALL!"
Not long after, coach was fired from The Brain

Third Place : "Put Me In Coach!" @henry-gant

1st class: Before takeoff.
"You wrote the book for my favorite movie!" Shrieked seat 2-b.
Seat not 2-b stood, asking wearily, "Did you read the book?"
"No, but I can recite the movie's dialogue!"
Seat not 2-b mouthed a silent request.
The fight attendant whispered, "Yes".

Congratulations to this week's winners, Watch out for the next contest starting tomorrow Friday, a lot of interesting things are currently in the pipeline.

This contest have been given a lot of support by the guys at Steem Trail. You can head over to the Discord server to see the amazing work they are doing.

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If you want to be a sponsor for this contest and help in increasing the reward pool for the next contest, contact the organiser of this contest @ogochukwu on steemit , steemit chat or discord.

Congratulations once again to this week winners.


This is a wonderful contest. I will suggest to all new writers that they post an entry. I hope to help sponsor this contest soon.
The stories are all winners.

I'll try to keep this comment under 50 words.
I appreciate these stories.
Congratulations to the Authors!

Can someone eli5 what this Trail is? What did i win?

I would send you your winnings soon

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Congratulations to all the winners

Oh wow, I really didn't expect to come in first place. Thank you all so much, I really appreciate it. I look forward to future contests.