The Cockroach (50 word Story Contest Week #18)

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The Cockroach

I pumped poison into her home, but she lived. I drowned her in the faucet, but she lived. I broke her back under my boot, but she lived. And then she laughed. Because when my back breaks and my lungs sink and my home gets pumped with poison, I won’t.


I really hope you enjoyed this short piece. Don’t forget to follow me if you did! @jean.racines

This short piece was written as an entry for the Fifty Word Story Contest Week #18 hosted by @literature-trail

The prompt was the word “live,” and I found out about the contest by exploring the “fiction” tab.

Image source: Image 1.


One of the oldest creature still survived the dinosaurs age

The Cockroach is a cure for angry women :P

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