50 word Story Contest Week #16 - The Minefield

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The Minefield

“Feel that, boy?”

“What, dad?”

“Come, put your chest to the ground.”

“Little earthquakes?”

“No, not earthquakes. They are the heartbeat of a dragon.” 

“Is that him? Will I finally meet the dragon?!”

“Yes, boy. You will.”

“But why are you crying?”

 “Nothing. Our trip will end soon, is all.” 

Hope you enjoyed this piece! This was written as an entry for the Fifty Word Story Contest Week #16 hosted by @literature-trail

The prompt was the word “trip”.

I found the official post about the contest by exploring the “fiction” tab. 

Source of the image I used: link

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I really enjoyed this 50 word story. For me it had a flintlock poignancy that would've kept me going if it were longer.

"They are the heartbeat of a dragon" is probably the coolest line I've read today

You are too kind, prufarchy! Glad you liked it = )

Nice story! I read it twice.

Thanks, jeff! Glad you liked it = )

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