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       Its eyes hollow and feathers black as night, with blood staining its beak, the Raven watches, calculating, and coveting the feast to come. 

      “Go away,” I said, staggering, one eye hanging from the socket. 

      “Caw,” The Raven replied, its eyes were eager, patiently waiting, knowing I was going to die.  


      I have always thought of the Raven as a clever animal, with the ability to see in the depths of our souls with it ever watching black eyes. I may have gotten the idea planted in my head from Eager Allen Poe "The Raven" I don't know. But every time I ever looked into a Raven's eyes, I have this feeling it's seeing a part in me that is suppose to remain hidden. As if it knows things. See things. Judging and calculating if our soul is black, and if it is, it'll be there waiting and watching, eager to feast on your soul.

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Terrifying story. Nothing scarier than the patience of a predator an the imminence of being the prey.


Thanks for the reply. I agree, they often have patience we humans can barley comprehend

Hi @galactichunter. Intense story! Well done.

So... I wasn’t sure you existed! A very long time ago you wrote a @fiftywords short story and I added you to the list of contributors. But @checky said there is no @galactichunter. And sure enough I tried to go to your blog and got a message that there was no such page. Did your account have a problem or something? Anyway, welcome back.


Actually, I figured it out, at last. It was a typo on my part. I thought your Steem name was "galactichunter," but it's "galatichunter".


Thank you for the reply.
Sorry for the confusion. When I made my account I misspelled galactic. I had left out the C. Its @galatichunter, and not galactichunter. Sorry for the confusion.
Last time I just got frustrated, its like I never have enough power to do anything. I can make a couple of comments or votes and that's it. but the other day I was typing in the search bar and Steemit come up in the automatic suggestions on chrome search bar, and told myself I'm going to give it another try. I was trying to do to much with the little I had, but what is weird I log on today and all of a sudden I have 14 delegated steem power, and I don't know were it came from.
But thank you and I enjoy your post.