Run (fiftywords)

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The word takes root. An impulse, electric, surging through his legs. The fence is fifty meters away across the rain slicked street. Tension slides into action as the beast starts moving, impossibly fast. Nails, scrabbling on wet tar. A single thought, blazing through the fog of fear.

Run for it

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This is an entry for the fiftywords challenge here:

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I felt the fear...



Whoa. Whoa. Description, pace, setting, tension...great job!

Hi @foxfiction. Wow, this is frightening! I don't know what that thing is, but it definitely makes me want to run!

I apologize for the delayed response. I have to recover my @jayna account, and currently am posting as @jaynas-minime. (I described the situation here.) Hopefully I will be back as the real me soon!


Oh geez - I hope you get your account sorted 😱

I love horror! This makes me want to know the beginning and end of the story. Run run run!


Yeah, I'm a huge horror fan too :)

Fast paced and great vocabulary use.The image too,is well suited for your story.Loved it!!!
P.S : You can check out my first try at the #fiftyword challenge here:


Thanks :)

Get the f#$& out of dodge! The beast is coming!


Lol, yup.

Nicely done, Fox! Felt the almost paralysing fear coming to face such a danger. And congrats on winning the Steem Monsters card writing contest again. Twice in a row!


Thanks! I'm really enjoying creating lore for steemmonsters actually. It's quite entertaining to be writing in a freshly created shared world actually. You signed up on red right?


It's exciting, indeed. Yeah, I'm on Red Team A. So much to work with but it's such fun.

Great series of images here. I can totally see a beast/dog/creature/wolf/werewolf scrabbling with long claws on pavement.


Yeah, I wasn't sure what the beast was when I was thinking of it - just something worth getting away from 😂

fifty meters

I see what you did there :)
Great story here @foxfiction


Actually not intentionally 😂. Pesky subconscious...