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A great feeling to have the waves push up on shore with feet dug in the sand. ^_^


A great feeling it is.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Very lyrical. You need to turn this into a song!!!


Sounds like fun. Wish I can get someone to record the song for me.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wow! I read it with an imagination of what that feels like! I need to go visit the beach! 😁😁


Me too! Let me know when you are going o!will like to join in the beach fun.!lol

The beach is a wonderful place for introspection and enjoyment of life. And as your story points out, it’s also a bit hazardous!


Yeah. A need for balance between enjoyment and danger.

Thanks for your awesome contribution.

I really like that @esttyb A lovely poem indeed..


I am glad you do.Thanks for stopping by.