Fifty Words Prompt: Calming Aura

in fiftywords •  4 months ago


Feel the strength in the waves
The energy in the rush of waters
The calmness in the cool breeze
Walk with me on the sands of the beach barefooted with our souls
Feel the peace in the waters
The Sea is calling,don't go too deep or you drown

Picture taken with my phone

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A great feeling to have the waves push up on shore with feet dug in the sand. ^_^


A great feeling it is.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Very lyrical. You need to turn this into a song!!!


Sounds like fun. Wish I can get someone to record the song for me.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wow! I read it with an imagination of what that feels like! I need to go visit the beach! 😁😁


Me too! Let me know when you are going o!will like to join in the beach fun.!lol

The beach is a wonderful place for introspection and enjoyment of life. And as your story points out, it’s also a bit hazardous!


Yeah. A need for balance between enjoyment and danger.

Thanks for your awesome contribution.

I really like that @esttyb A lovely poem indeed..


I am glad you do.Thanks for stopping by.