Pig tales; a story in fifty words

in fiftywords •  5 months ago

IMG_20180619_202216808 (3).jpg

'Look, look, he’s left the door open' squealed Percy. 'Quick fellas, run'. With freedom firmly in their sights, though almost blind so unaccustomed were their eyes to the light, twenty little piglets rushed forward out of the barn and straight into the back of the truck bound for the slaughterhouse.

Posted in response to @jayna's 50 word challenge which you can see here.
The word this week was RUN.

The image is my own

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Oh, no! Not the slaughterhouse!!! What are you trying to do to me partner...make me want to cry with all of the dead animals you keep writing about? LOL! See...that is how good you are...with writing a whole story in just 50 words. : )


With all these poor dead animals, I'm angling for the sympathy votes;)

howdy @deirdyweirdy! lol! another killer story..I thought those guys were going to escape! this is a nightmare lol! I guess there won't be any sequels to this story. and of course the sketch is very well done also. I mean really, very well proportioned and all, mine would look like a stick pig! my vote is dust, I'll be back tomorrow morning so I can at least contribute 1 cent.


No worries sweetie, sure it's the thought that counts!


thank you.. well if I stick with this there will be a time when I will always have some power available!

Excellent. Sometimes life is hard...in the name of bacon.


I was aiming for.....oh poor little piggies, I'll never eat bacon again;)
Oh well, back to the drawing board!


I eat beef bacon... ;)


Every man to his own idiosyncrasies;)

Oh. Oh!

You had me... and then killed me! :O What cruel truth, what a dose of reality!

Much as I despise unhappy endings, you get my full vote with this story...

Very well done! ;)




That's very sweet of you, thanks. I really wanted them to escape but the cruel truth is, when it comes to animals, life delivers so very few happy endings.

The drawings compliment the posts well. Both are really simple but really effective. :)


Thanks Tony. Simple but effective will do me just fine.

Oh, come on... have a little mercy...


Mercy is for wimps! And I hope you have a good excuse for no post today?;)

Hi @deirdyweirdy! Thanks for participating in #fiftywords last week, and my apologies for the radio silence. I'm in account recovery and this is my Mini Me account.

Poor little piggies!


No worries, I heard about your account problems. Love the new handle!


No worries, I heard
About your account problems.
Love the new handle!

                 - deirdyweirdy

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Another classic. I though for a split second the Piggies would make good their escape but then remembered your dark side and knew they hadn't a chance.


Ah, thanks Robbie. I do have a bright side too but I can't find it.

Have you been attending art classes? Your drawing are improving by the post, I can see them in the Louvre if you keep it up.


Hahaha, yes actually. It's called animal drawings for children on youtube!