50 words: Just Another Apple Joke

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Harold’s pants began to shake violently. His phone ascended magically from his pocket. The battery instantly drained, and the screen shattered into tiny pieces before his very eyes. His friend Rob ran in excitedly.

“Hey Harold, guess what?!”

“Apple just announced they’re releasing a new phone?”

“Yeah, how’d you know?”


I know, I know, everyone loves to bash Apple, but it's only because they deserve it.

This was an entry for a weekly challenge hosted by @jayna where you write 50 words based on a prompt, this week was break. You should definitely join in the fun if you haven't already! You can find it here:

Photo is by energepic.com from Pexels. It is free for personal and commercial use. You can find it here:


Ah yes Apple or Crapple to be more apt... Yep, i'm no fanboy!

They sucked me in when they started releasing things in rose gold and now I just want out :'(

I experience something along these lines every two years, on the nose, right as our contracts are coming up for renewal. I always have visions of reducing my phone bill when the phones are finally paid for, but every time we are forced to upgrade because they fall apart and lose functionality! No lie.

I love the last line in your story, @blueteddy. Great work!

Thank you :D

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