Prejudice & Pride

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“How about romance?” The assistant held up a book. “This is selling very well.”

George grunted. “Don’t give me that crap.”

But then he noticed the author’s name. Jules Valentine.

His granddaughter was finally published.

“Give it here.”

Hiding the book under one arm, he plodded over to the check-out.

This is my entry to the 50 Word Challenge, hosted by @jayna. The prompt this week was Book.


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Hahaha. What a wonderful story. The things we'll do for our family!
It is true we develop biases against certain genres and may be missing some good stuff.
Influence/reputation make many people read stuff they would not have read otherwise.

Thank you! I'm guilty of the same biases, but I do try to explore my options.

That's wonderful! I love the fact that the character's predisposed ideas were challenged when he realized who the author was. And maybe he'll be pleasantly surprised that it's well written. I don't read romance either, but I hear those writers make some good money!

Thank you! And they do. One in particular, who shall not be named, made a helluva lot out of writing a book revolving around certain shades of a certain colour.

Not that I'm salty or anything. At all.

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