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Twigs and leaves rustled under Benji’s paws as he sniffed the ground. Rob’s scent was getting stronger.

“Boo!” The goblin appeared from nowhere, plucking the tracking amulet from Benji’s neck. “Shiny! Mara will never find you now!”

Cackling, it disappeared with a loud pop.

Benji snarled. Time to play chase.

This is my entry to the 50 Word Challenge, hosted by @jayna.


Great story, @alheath. It's been said animals can perceive what humans can't. They must have so many great stories to tell. It feels you stole one of those.

I believe they do. Thank you!

Nicely wrapped up little microstory @alheath Very engaging..

Thank you!

This story has my imagination going wild, @alheath. I love how you've connected us up with the mysterious communication between animals and worlds unknown to us. And there's also a layer of playfulness in this (I assume) science-fiction-based tale. Well done!

I'm aiming for a more high fantasy-based story, but we'll see how it turns out. Thank you!

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