Lady of the Night

in #fiftywords4 years ago

“Come on, kitten." Joe leered from the car window. "500 bucks. One night."

Monica paused. Joe always paid well, and it would cover next month's rent.

Next to Joe, the girl was silent. Her face was bruised.

“Forget it.” Monica spat. “Keep your money.”

She walked off into the night.

This is my entry to the 50 Word Challenge, hosted by @jayna.


Wow, @alheath, there are several themes going on here, about power, self-respect, and the willingness to sacrifice those things for money in your pocket. That is powerful, especially given Monica's profession.

If I'm reading this right, Joe has a girl in the car and wants Monica to get in the car with them and do his bidding for a night. But she sees the girl's bruises and realizes what she'll have to sacrifice to earn the money. So she chooses self-respect. Did I get that right?

You did indeed! I'm so glad my story worked for you. Life is all about choices and the wisest ones are rarely the easiest.

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