Just A Dream

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“Stop!” Lily cowered. Her father’s eyes spelled danger.

He struck her. It woke her up in a cold sweat.

A trembling voice came from the doorway. “Mummy?” Eddie clutched his bear.

Lily took him by the hand. “Just me. Come on. You’re safe.”

They both were.

This is my entry to the 50 Word Challenge, hosted by @jayna.


Poor little souls.. At least they're safe now..

They are, for now. Lily's story is an interesting one.

You did such a great job on that. I'd swell with pride but my butt is big enough as it is. hugs ;-)

Thank you! I'm sure you can get away with it.

Nice work, @alheath! My imagination has gone to a very dark place as I try to imagine what happened. It seems only the two kids remain. If this was Discord, this is where I would put the scream gif! What will become of them now? But... as @ablaze said, at least they are safe.

I love how you created this complete scenario, but left it open to interpretation.

That remains to be seen. This is part of a much bigger story for Lily.

Thank you!

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