50 word story challenge- change

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Normally I write 55 word stories. I’m not sure how this will go seeing I’ll be at a five word deficit. This post is a submission to the 50 word challenge.

I heard about the contest through @negativer. He was an early member of the minnow support project and found a discord home as a mod in the writers block. I caught wind of this story. I was of fan of his early as I detected some good wit, but am still feeling extra grateful to him and his wife @morodiene. They let me crash in their house during the Florida meetup.


Here’s the original post for the contest. https://steemit.com/fiction/@jayna/fifty-word-short-story-round-up-and-new-prompt

Looks like @jayna has a good contest that could use some more attention. I hope this helps.


I asked the yoga babe “cost?”
“$20 plus tax.”

I did yoga but was angry, frustrated, and distracted by fit women. Fuming or staring at yoga butts. Good time but I couldn’t relax. No nirvana for me.

I gave her $20. She said I need to add change. She’s right.


Get it! GET IT! Like change... you know... money, but the me in the story knew I needed to change?!? SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!!! The double play. The word play! The switcheroo. Kapow!

Good times!

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Ha ha ha, yes I get it! So glad you have joined the challenge, @aggroed! @negativer does indeed have a good wit and I’m glad he has lured you over. I got to meet him and @morodiene in Florida a couple of months ago, right after you guys left. Just missed you!

Woot, I'm glad another victim was sucked into @jayna's net. This time, a big fish named @aggroed.

I'm not implying anything with that comment.

Let's just say some people look better in yoga pants than others.

It's good to have friends like that.
I'll check @jayna's post right now since it sounds interesting so thank you for sharing it @aggroed


I hope you do. We have a lot of fun. Thanks so much to @aggroed for the promotion!

What... she doesn't accept SBDs!

Can I make my own cost 😂??

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friends are very good friends, willing they ride you at home, my friends are incredible friends, I really like people like that. why because there is a concern for his friend @aggroed

D word play was good, but is it the tax that is the Change or what?

Lol. Punny, punny. And a good story. Welcome to the 50-word challenge!

Lol. Nice story... I hope it won't be too late to drop mine , having been contemplating on participating.

This interesting yet fun challenge has gone thought many different ownership changes over the time. It’s already great when new people find out about it. Sometimes it just nice to get out a 50 word story and deal with challenge of using so few words. Instead of yet another long post. I’ve been doing these off and on since June 2017.

Sometimes people do put in those extra 5 words hehe.

I love a good humorous double entendre. Excellent story for the 50 word limit.

This gave me a good chuckle. Well done @aggroed :)