"Night‘s wings"+

 "Night‘s wings" 

 My mysterious model @escapist 

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 Once upon time anomaly appeared in the vampires society. Most of those bloosuckers considered  themselves far superior to the rest of the species. They think that all lesser living beings has only one purpose- to satisfy the hunger of the higher ones. ut one vampiress was different. Like others of her kind she often enjoyed a tasty meal or a fine drink. But killing prey and drinking blood was just not enough for her. This vampiress spent a great deal of her six hundreds and sixty nine years of her nonlife by trying to come up with various elaborate traps to catch her victims. She was even willing to learn from the lesser creatures and apply that knowledge in her next hunt. Curiosity and creativity were just as dangerous weapons as her fangs. And she was able to use all of them in a very deadly fashion. 

    The long awaited night had finally come. The restaurant "Virgin's tears" was about to open and welcome its first visitors. Those who were lucky enough and could afford it had reserved tables several months before this glorious event. Those who were not so fortunate could do nothing but curse their miserable fates and follow the news. This restaurant was the center of media attention for a very long time. People were telling each other stories and rumours. These tales were getting more and more unbelievable. And yet many accepted them as a truth and nothing but a truth. But reality was far different from these imaginations and fantasies. Finally clocks announced that it is midnight already and restaurant's gates began to open. In few moments hundreds of honorable and prosperous guests went inside. And each one of them was shocked after taking just a few steps.  "Virgin’s tears"  interior looked like a giant cave... But it was located in the middle of huge metropolis! The floor was covered with mosses. Walls decorated with weird symbols. These decorations could have easily been a work of of master artists. Or just a whim of nature Who could tell for sure? But drawings were not the only fascinating things about the walls. They also had tiny holes that at times released strange sounds. Blowing wind. Rain… or maybe a waterfall? Ballads of the birds. Ferocious roars. Warning  growls. Frightening moments of cold intense silence. All of this blended together and formed something new. Symphony filled with both danger and excitement. Smell of burning wood and dense mist only increased this mystical atmosphere of this strange place.

     -Welcome to the "Virgin’s tears".- said cold, emotionless voice.- It is great pleasure to see you all in my humble restaurant.  

  Two red eyes appeared somewhere far away in the darkness. And the next moment mist was gone. Now the crowd saw black-haired woman covered in mantle as dark as the night itself. She stared at them without blinking even once. This lasted at least a few minutes. Then she invited guests to sit at the long wooden tables and and enjoy their dinner. Before coming to this place visitors likely had their own assumptions and expectations. Some desired to eat from golden plates. Others dreamed to get one of the kind meals prepared just for them. Little did they knew… Cutlery? Sharpened bones. Plates? skulls of various animals. The only meal? Mushrooms with gin. But weirdest thing was that no one complained about any of this. It seems that everyone had already accepted that this place is not normal. "Virgin’s tears" belonged in some kind of different reality and had its own rules. Fighting against it just seemed unnatural. Besides everyone was now curious. What other surprises awaits them? 

     After eating just a few mushrooms all the guests started seeing even more bizarre things. Icy ceiling began mixing up with mosses on the floor. Everything around them turned into a shaky blurry mess. Everything seemed less and less real. Except for the black mistress. Darkness around her got a lot ticker. Red eyes now seemed brighter than before. Her lips formed a smile as cold as her voice. And then it happened. Two huge wings appeared on her back. Smile revealed razor sharp fangs. After showing her true nature vampiress stood silent. Simply observing shock and terror in the faces of her soon to be victims. Then she began a feast of her own. She disappeared and appeared. Again and again. In a blink of the eye moving from one spot to the next. Like a killing whirlwind  rampaging deep beneath earth. Some of her victims were beheaded with a single strike of the hand. Others roasted alive by a laser eyes. Few people had the will to try and fight back. But their efforts were in vain. One of the brave ones broke table leg and attempted  to pierce vampiress heart with it. She could have easily avoided such primitive thrust. But instead she took it. Spike shattered to pieces. It seemed that this deadly creature had skin as tough as steel. Vampiress smiled again. And next moment bited into his neck. It took her no more than a few minutes to slaughter nearly all the guests. One woman was still alive. She tried to escape. But no matter how fast she ran dark wings of death flapped right behind her back. After finishing final victim vampiress looked at her bloody handiwork. Perhaps she wanted to savor these images. To remember every precious detail … 


 Copyright (c) 2018 Simonas Tuinyla, Corel Corporation and its licensors. All rights reserved.  

 "Virgin’s tears" were burning. Later no one was able to explain how or where the fire started. Unimaginable horrors inside remained a mystery as well.  Not to mention disappearance of the restaurant owner. Flames gathered all attention that night and no one noticed a certain black-haired woman calmly walking in the street and finally fading away She never turned back. "Virgin’s tears" had fulfilled its purpose. One performance was over. The curtain had fallen. So now vampiress was already plotting her next game. Preparing for the next hunt.   

  Thanks Esc for your permission to do this.  

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