Thanks a million @zacanarchy143 ! Yeah, I've tended to veer toward FP over the years. As you mention, it can be easier to slip into your voice and I also like it for its immediacy and intimacy. And I hear you on tense, for me doesn't really matter what narrative I used, unfortunately I seem to bounce my tense around, so editing is often times a scrotal pain.

Editing for tense is a huge pain! I've spent the last two days editing a short story for tense (thanks to my wonderful freinds!) and I am positive I'm still missing some. But either on my lunch or directly after work I am posting it and hopefully getting more feedback. (not meaning to self promote I promise!)

Thanks for the reply! I look forward to your next project.

Heehehehe, promote away if you like. I'd really like to see a booming fiction community here on Steemit! Will stop by and visit your story on the weekend...

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