Like a Phoenix

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Original art and fiction


This one's for you.
-From a book, within a book.

Like A Phoenix

I will rise from the ashes of this life, like a phoenix. Before me does my life stretch, my memories are just that, memories, they live in the past. I am not constrained by any part of my past. Only by present opportunities am I limited, only by what lies before me. All else is ash and use to me is remembrance and reflection. I will live presently, and by doing so will I open doorways and paths that lead to the unbelievable fruits of life. I will not strive to stand, to catch up or get ahead.

I burn to fly, to soar, to be unleashed.

This cannot be done by seeking to stay afloat. The only way is to leap, to believe deeply, unwaveringly that I can fly. That, in each failure, a gem of success lies. That it is in the rising that defines. Never will I forget that each time I arise, I hold the chance to look out and open my eyes as the phoenix, reborn. I will only know it to be when it arrives. I cannot know until that step is taken and planted.

I will take each step, in confidence. Through self-understanding will I avoid overconfidence and the pit falls of arrogance. A phoenix must die, to arise anew.

Today when I awoke, I woke up a new version of myself, with one day more sensation and experience. I may use this in addition to each day before to enliven my life.

In moments of despair I will utter these words. When doubt hounds the edges of my thoughts, I will speak these words. When fear threatens to sweep my wits away, I will proclaim my coming flight. I will use these words as a weapon against the barbs of my mind. My fears will turn to moments of remembering the endless possibilities of life. My doubts will burn into new depths of assurance.

When my courage flees me, I will close my eyes and utter these words.

Like a phoenix, I will rise from the ashes of this life

-From A Clouded Journey


Thank you so much. This is exactly what i needed. I am trying so hard. I think the page is turning now. I feel like it was written for me. Thank you.

You know, it was the first line that I used to say to myself. It took me 6 months after writing it to go back, edit and put it up. I tried not to change much, mainly because I think we are all in a process. This was a piece of mine. It may be your poem had helped to influence which part to share. So thank you!

Thank you as well. Its great.

Such beautiful words, fees like the deepest thoughts of a human soul. I've very much enjoyed reading it. Wish I could read the book.
BTW, nice sketches!

Thank you @farirah I appreciate you reading, and your kind words!

This is Awesome Thankyou for sharring and have a great day

Great stuff, quite a courage-boost ;) The phoenix arises when it dies... Awesome.

todo muy bonito gracias por compartir y gracias por tu apoyo

Gracias para ti

Thanks for the comment!

This is great! Thank you :D

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