The Dress Shoppe

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The town of Aline, Vorland, 1436 ATC

The bearded green eyed man laughed as they linked arms and walked down the street of a cozy little place called Aline a mile and a half down the road, looking about the town ''I haven't been here in months, even though this is the closest town to the Dragon's Head.'' As they walked he stopped a few feet away from a woman with a strange eyepatch and pointed his cane at a particular building. ''Wait no. I did recruiting in that tavern a few weeks ago. Their cider is under par if you ask me.'' He looked up a but to the tall temptress holding his hand beside him, wearing his black hood over his head, cloak about two inches off the ground. "Are you alright?''

Ceirra Dusk nodded, bumping his hip with her own lightly. "Teleporting gave me a queasy stomach, but I'm alright now, love." She looked up at the building, taking a glance back to the wandering woman that passed. "Not every tavern can serve the same high quality booze as yours. How unfortunate that they embarrassed themselves in front of the inventer of the Pink Footed Booby himself." She shook her head with a little laugh, straight long raven hair bouncing, fingers lacing between the spaces in the bearded man's hand.

''You get used to teleporting.'' Venser said with a laugh at her last comment. ''Yeah... Last time- Wait no it was. I invented the Pink Footed Booby last time I came here. Right in that tavern over there inspiration struck me! They walked and he kept looking around. ''My it's fucking busy today... All we gotta do is find that dress shop now.'' As they walked he looked up to his newly acquired lover who was about two or so inches taller than he. ''Before you got lost in the woods the other day, did you wander from a town like this?''

"Similar but not the same. I'm from Driggs. Nearby. The sister town that overshadows Aline, sort of. Like, I swear this one is just a smaller version of Driggs." She hung close to him, the height difference becoming more noticable as they walked. Goddamn, she had long strides. Ceirra was pretty much all legs anyways. Stubbornly, she pulled him back to a slower pace. "How'd you even come up with the name Pink Footed Booby?"

"Right over there sir!'' Venser said pointing his cane, the handle carved and shaped like a whale, in the direction of the tavern as they passed another random passerby who seemed lost and thirsty. ''Well, I like boobies. I like saying booby. Blue Footed Booby is a bird. One of those very same birds once just flew right into my face whilst I was walking down the street here. It has booby in the name. The drink is pink. Hence, Pink Footed Booby.'' He slowed down and they passed by a shop with a lovely red dress in the window. ''Oooh...!'' It was a well maintained building, above the door an intricate designed sign that read "The Dress Shoppe."

Ceirra released his arm and pressed her hands against the glass, the very tip of her nose brushing it gently. "It's so beautiful. Look at it, Venser." She reached back and grabbed his hand, pulling him closer to the window. Her burnt golden eyes widened looking to the bright red dress with the short skirt and an opening that would expose the navel. "Mhmmmm... And to think it's actually displayed like this. Its so naughty!"

The red dress in the window was a symbol of elegence.The lustrous, pearl beaded fabric of the dress glinted, light reflecting from the sun that shone through the glass. Venser squeezed Ceirra's hand and imagined her wearing the dress. ''Heh... I think you'd look aboslutely lovely in that... Do you like the color?'' He asked turning his head to her.

She nodded, still staring at the dress as if it were the last piece of bread and she hadn't eaten in days. "I have too much ass to fill it out, but it's so lovely. Look at the beading. It's so delicate and beautiful."

''The ass to fill it out?'' Venser asked looking down to Ceirra, still holding her hand. ''Don't know what ya mean... But I'm sure they have one in your size.'' He gave her hand a tug and pushed the door open, ''Come, let's go inside and check it out. Maybe we'll find you some nice jewelry too!''

Ceirra followed him, shaking her head and muttering something about men under her breath, which was pretty noticable given her high pitched voice. "Think they sell it in... I don't know. Big and tall size?" She mused, giving his hand a squeeze as she followed him into the store.

As they entered the dress shop, they passed a steel gray silk dress trimmed with onyx beads as they looked about. ''Go look for a dress, I'll ask that woman at the counter if they have that red dress in the window in your size.'' The bearded man gave her a quick peck on the cheeks and walked over to the bored looking blonde woman at the counter. "Hello again Mister Venser." The sales associate waved over to him.

The tell temptress nodded and bent down a bit to plant a kiss of her own on his cheek. Releasing him, she went off to further examine the gray dress they had passed by on their way into the store, her fingers sliding over the slick onyx beads. Beside it, there was a soft blue dress with sparkling silver adornments. She smiled thoughtfully, fingering the fabric carefully.

''Seventy five silver huh? For a dress? By the void...'' Venser muttered speaking with the woman at the counter. She rolled her eyes. "The local dressmaker was an apprentice to the royal dressmaker for the king of Vorland remember? We sell only the finest garments, and I figured you'd remember that by how often you used to come, sir." He rubbed his temples and disappeared in a puff of thick red smoke, reappearing about two mnutes later, much to the woman's surprise. He set a big bag down on the counter. ''Alright sir, I'll just need to measure your friends waist and bust.'' The woman said in what sounded like a mid-atlantic accent. She grabbed a measuring tape and looked to Ceirra. ''Step in front of that mirror please.''

Ceirra turned, brow arched. "I take it she had the dress?" She looked to Venser, then, following the woman's request, stepped in front of the mirror. "And she knows you? I'm not the only woman you've bought a dress for am I?" She clicked her tongue. "Venser Karkaldwin you strumpet! I knew all those dresses in your wardrobe weren't yours." Giggling to herself at the thought of the handsome bearded barkeep crossdressing.

''Yeah. And boy... Ahem." Venser leaned against his cane. The woman moved all around Ceirra, measuring her, grabbing her arm and holding it straight out to measure it. "Yes. A strumpet I am. I have kids and other lovers... Sanna and Alex are both visiting my love Kari and our kids and Kari's adopted sister and her mom." He had failed to mention he was sleeping with Kari's adoptive sister, Marvella, but in truth he had a lot of women to mention and it would take much too long. And would be much too awkward.

"That sounds... Complicated. And I thought I really got around! Are you sure you secretly aren't an incubi?" Ceirra teased and watched the woman work, comfortable enough to let the woman's hands go wherever they needed. "Did you say something else, Ven?" She was focused on watching the woman measure and write down numbers.

Venser walked over to the window and looked out of it, not being able to see much from where he stood. ''No.... Um, how's it coming?'' He asked spinning around. ''I'll be able to get her the correct size dress shortly.'' The woman said.

"You're done measuring then, yeah?" Ceirra slipped away from the woman and crossed the store to join Venser by the window. "I've forgotten how beautiful a town Aline is. Thank you for bringing me."

''Could be better. Capital De Seraphim has it beat.'' Venser said walking over to the counter as the woman disappeared into the back room, rapping his fingers on top of it, playing with a fine pair of scissors that was left there. ''I mean, it could be Crown City. Or Capital De Seraphim. Ya know... When we get home I'll have to tell you a story about my home.'' He said turning to Ceirra. "Maybe." It was not wise to keep talking about where he came from. But he supposed most people would think of it as crazy.

The tall temptress smiled. "Could be worse, too, love." She leaned on the counter next to him, her hip cocked to the side. "Could be some filthy little village with no clean water and pigs running around after their women with their pants half way down their legs." Ceirra turned, pressing her stomach against the counter now, her body still sore from the work out earlier in the day. "I mean, look at me." The red dress went up above her knees and just below her crotch.

''Ya know that last part doesn't sound too bad, actually. Women running around with their pants... Yeah. Are you gonna wear this around town today?'''' He asked, and she responded with a nod, looking at herself in a mirror with pride. ''Oh void... Despite the snow outside? I mean it's not much but...'' Another happy nod. Soon enough, the blonde shopkeep handed him a large white box with two blue ribbons wrapped around it and took the silver that Venser had paid her. ''Come by our boutique again sometime.'' She said with a soft smile. Venser walked over to Ceirra and took her hand as they exited and kept exploring Aline.

The two spent their time slowly walking through shops and stalls, taking in what's available for purchase and trade. Being careful moving through overly active areas or really crowded places but seeing most just sold basic supplies such as dried rations, tea, and adventuring supplies in various shops.

Ceirra held the box containing her old outfit to her side, and kissed him hard as they briefly stopped, her hands gently holding his face to hers. "Thank you. You didn't need to do this for me, love." She glanced down at her red dress, her lips turned up in a smile.

''Seventy five silver... It looks great on you.'' Venser said with a smile caressing her cheek, giving Ceirra a very sweet smile. Before stepping back and stretching his arms out, then began to pace about in small circles.''I feel like running.'' She watched him pace, shaking her head. He was a mystery to her. ''I mean, you'd want to run around after spending half the day in bed right?''

''Yes.'' Ceirra nodded, and couldn't help but look down again, it's beautiful red fabric. The back would need to be pulled tight and tied, however, she'd need Venser's help with that. Pulling her hair over her shoulder, Ceirra turned to him. "Would you mind lacing it up?"

''Of course.'' Venser said moving behind Ceirra, lacing up her dress and straightening her hair so that it hung down from behind.

She turned, slowly, with her hands out at her sides. Looking down at herself, she smiled. She loved it. "Well?" She looked up at him, giving a slow twirl. ''Tell me you love it again.''

''I love it... Again.'' Venser looked at her with his mouth open a bit. ''Wow...'' He sat up slowly and walked over to her, placing his hands on her side and moving his hands all over her body. ''This is fine material... And it makes you look so so beautiful.''

Despite herself, she blushed a deep red. "Well, for that much silcer, it had better." Ceirra wrapped her arms around his waist, pulling him closer. "Thank you, for this dress and for everything else. I feel like I've been living in a dream since I met you."

''Despite the fact it's only been a day?'' He asked feeling her up, the material of the red dress. ''Or, less... Today isn't over yet.''

The tall temptress nodded. "It's been a good day." And it had. However, they had spent most if it in bed. "Still feel like running? You've been stuck in bedrooms for most of the day."

''Yes. Yes I do.'' The bearded man wriggled out of her grasp and gave her ass a playful smack, running down a nearby alley between several cramped buildings. ''Come and catch me!'' He called, causing the tall temptress to giggle with amusement and give chase.

Only to be stopped in the middle of the long alleyway accosted by two brigands. One wearing simple grey wool clothing and the other simple leather armor, steel blades gleamed menacingly in the sunlight from above. ''Not your lucky day both of you. Now, I'll make this quick.'' They grey one demanded impatiently as he nervously brandished the dagger.

''What do you want?'' Asked Ven standing his ground when Ceirra caught up to him, looking beside her to his lover who was armed only with a cane despite all of the vials of liquids and knickknacks on his belt.

''Your belt, your fancy cane, and your coin purse and whatever the lady has in that box will do.'' The one in leather armor said with a confident smirk, smiling behind his short brown beard. ''Now I think I'll take that for myself.'' The grey brigand pointed his dagger at Ven, making sure he made no sudden moves. A third robber dressed in a dull green wool outfit armed with a cleaver emerged from behind them.

Then, the tall temptress placed her long fingers into the front of her dress, showing the two her lovely, bountiful breasts.

''Heh. Nice titties tall-'' Venser charged forward, knocking the dagger from the grey brigand's hand. "What the?!" Venser's mark flashed greenish white and he made a quick backhand motion, the grey brigand found himself blasted by a powerful guest of wind and placed on his back several feet away. The leather brigand was taken out with a groin kick, then a smash with the bottom of his cane to his head, which rattled his dome, and dazed him. He crumbled to the ground before Venser spun around and pointed his cane to the last one, spinning around on his left heel. "I yield! Fuckin..." He said, dropping his Ceirra, which caused Ceirra to smirk. "Didn't think that through, did you?'' The green brigand crouched down hands above his head, looking up to them both, and quickly he lowered his hands, and went for a knife in his boot, unsheathe it and tossing it straight at the bearded man. The thin sharp steel flew through the air and the tall succubus moved with lightning reflexes, catching it before it stuck Venser.

''Too slow for even the circus.'' She said, blowing a small, sarcastic kiss to him, before raising her middle finger with her free hand. Ceirra dropped the throwing knife and rushed the man, grabbing him by the throat and choke slamming him to the ground, before picking him up against with surprising strength and slamming him into the wall.

''Alright! Alright! We'll leave you be just let me down!'' He cried as Venser approached them both, checking out the other two downed robbers. Her thick raven hair hung it loose curls and fluttered as she ran, her burnt golden eyes stayed fixed on the frightened robber's neck. Ceirra's blushed lips parted into a sinister smile, one that showed her subtle fangs. Her urge to taste blood left her searching from town to town for a distraction or to take it out on something more deserving. Sex was one thing, being a succubus and all But the taste of blood was pn a slightly higher level. Yet she couldn’t stand being alone, she not only craved blood, she craved company even if she didn’t show it. Though, in her heart she had the strange feeling Venser changing it all.

''Are you going to shake him down or something? Just knock him out and we'll be on our way.'' The bearded man said gesturing to the green brigand's unconscious friends. ''See that? That's what happens when you try to mug us, and next time, it'll be far worse.'' Venser wandered around the alley, disarming the men. "I hope you've learned your lesson."

''It will... And you will never mug anyone ever again.'' Ceirra Dusk said narrowing her burnt golden eyes, her fangs extending before the man's fearful eyes, and they grazed the flesh of his neck, drawing a few tiny droplets of blood. Her nose twitched at the smell as it got stronger, going in to take a bite.

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