Memories of A Mad Man Vol. 3 Update

in #fictionlast year


My abscence from steemit and writing in general has been me focusing on fully publishing Memories of A Mad Man Vol. 3 which I have been trying to polish as much as possible and make sure it is the best book I've written so far. While it is simply a bunch of my stories on here complied together into a more condensed version. While changing and editting a few things here and there and refocusing the entire plot of Volume 4 and the future of my stories. I have also noticed numerous spelling errors and naming errors on this site so I must correct those before I publish anything else.

As Volume 3 closes with quite a dramatic change. An end to the glory days and an end to the Dark Ages medieval stasis the continent of Posiil is in and the start of a new rennasaince.

But I can now say that I am putting the final touches on the Kindle version which should be released on December 11th 2021. As for the print version I am shooting for December 24th 2021.

Thank you to anyone who still reads my stories. More to come soon.

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