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Hahahah so cute :D Love how you can capture sibling bond through slice of life pieces like this one :) Poor left handed people XD

(I am right handed but sometimes I part my hair on the right cuz I look cuter with my fringe parting that way) (And now I can be an evil villain for it!!!) (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY)



Thank you! I really enjoyed writing these characters - they had a delightful dynamic and felt more meaty than most of my others.

And yeah - when I learned about the whole hair-parting thing (a while ago), I was amazed. There's a fair bit written about it. I won't tell "Jordan" that Clark Kent's not a bad guy though :P

Fun fact: the picture started as a self-portrait, but my "mistake" was the hair-part (I'm used to seeing myself in the mirror). That synapse firing turned into the first line, which turned into the siblings.

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