Part 3

in fiction •  15 days ago

That’s when he grabbed my hand and slid it down his abs to glide over his big, hard, throbbing dick. I literally gasped the moment I touched it, out of pleasant shock and desire. This thing is 6.5 thick inches of perfection. I can barely close my fingers around it and it fits seamlessly in the back of my throat. Its the only dick that fills me in a way that makes my eyes roll every time. It’s the perfect fit.

So that was it. That’s all he had to do, make me touch it. I don’t remember how quickly we made it to my bedroom, but almost immediately I was on my back with his hands holding my ankles and he was pushing those 6.5 inches deep into my pussy. I wasn’t expecting it to last long because of the drinking, but he pounded me for hours.

I should probably tell you now that I’m a squirter. It’s real. And it’s wet. Very wet. He learned quickly to pump inside me for just long enough to feel me tighten to cum, and he’d pull out and rub his fat head on my clit while I squirted everywhere. He’d do this until I was literally shaking, my whole body convulsing in non-stop orgasms, laying in a puddle on the bed... and then he’d make me drop to my knees. He was just something I knew I needed and way better than anyone I had been with before.

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