Game Of Thrones Season Ended :Tv series to watch

in #fiction4 years ago

It looks like game of thrones season ended too early , maybe it was only 7 episodes
Here is a list of tv series you can watch to fill the gap that game of thrones have left inside you

  1. Orphan Black
    It is a science fiction about a girl who finds that is a clone , and there are many like her .
    She later found out there is an organisation that looks after her and others. Series ended a month ago , so you don't have to wait find out what happened.

2.Handmaid's Tale
I have just started to watch it , cant say much about it but the reviews are over the top,
I only know that it is about how there are only few people left who can reproduce and are hunted and forced to give birth

3.The man in high Castle
An alternate universe where Nazis and Japanese won the world war 2 , there is guy named man in the high castle who has tapes of our world, which somehow is the key to survive