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A meadow overlooking a stormy and turbulent Northern Oregon coastline suddenly calms with a grey mist. The thick, wet fog engulfs as far as the eye can see, as silence reigns across the entire area. Two darkened figures emerge from opposite sides of the meadow and begin moving toward each other. Where they move, the mist dissipates, eventually giving way to a visible clearing. Two very old dogs seem to float toward each other. Once in plain view, the smaller of the two dogs starts to happily trot toward the other, slowing when the loving power of her beloved Master fills her heart.

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Original - Northern Oregon Coastline - Astoria - If You're Looking For Zen, This Is The Place

Secluded from the rest of the world now, two noble canines confront each other unemotionally, then sheepishly move into a playful nuzzle, rubbing heads and reveling in each others presence. A ritual the two have enjoyed for centuries, the master and the apprentice are overjoyed to be together once again. Syncai, the Master Akita Inu began mentoring Kya, the younger, Shiba Inu counterpart nine hundred years past.

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Original - Please Visit Them - Primitivedogs.com

"It has been too long Akita Master, the younger, smaller Shiba Inu states, stepping back and looking into the larger Akita Inu's eyes, why have you summoned me today?"

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Original - Please Visit Them - Primitivedogs.com

"The elders decided that after your encounter at the beach, you needed some well-deserved rest. Preventing the death of such an important human has increased your powers greatly. You'll become Shiba Master very soon Kya," Akita Master replies.

"I've felt new and wondrous energy flowing throughout my entire aura Master, did you notice that I was one that initiated thought between us?" Kya responds to Syncai.

"I did notice that, Kya. You're well beyond your years. Most Shiba need an intervention and weeks of training to acquire the ability to initiate thought communication. You've learned on your own. We're all very impressed," Syncai replies to his proud apprentice.

Both ancient canine fall into a slow walk along side each other, into the wavering mist. The outside world remains in seclusion as the two dogs walk and reminisce.

"I could sense that my time with The Gifted One was coming to an end. She's become so famous amongst her own people, and the music she creates for the world is truly a gift from the Gods. It pained her greatly to leave me behind whenever she went away. Her love for me is pure and strong. Perhaps the strongest I've ever felt. More than The Ancient Japanese Prince, who was my first soul to guide," Kya remembers both new and old children she'd watched over for centuries.

"Evil has become very complex in it's efforts to influence the course of human history. When you were charged with protecting The Japanese Prince so many years ago, it was simple commonplace to assassinate with snakes and beasts, now it seems that humans have chosen their evil technology as the weapon of choice. Technology. It's your aptitude for these matters that's convinced the elders of your ability to be successful in this latest rift in the future," Syncai soberly replies to Kya.

"What influence could I have over their technology, Master?" Kya asks with a tilt of the head.

"Your talents with the gifted has the elders convinced your potential for success with this latest dilemma is greater than with any other Inu. Their reasoning is that musical and literary talent is very close to the technological aptitude and you should be able to bond with the the chosen one quite easily," Syncai explains.

"So this new one is talented?" Kya asks.

"His talent lies within the language used to power their new thinking machines. He creates the worlds that exist within them. It also appears to have something to do with their money. Normally we stay out of such affairs, but the elders can foresee some odd bind between a new money they've created and our kind, as odd as it may seem. What affects the Order of The Inu affects the world. We must discover what all this means and what affect it can have on the Order." Syncai elaborates to Kya.

"is there no perceived imminent danger to the protected one Master? What would be the reason for the attention placed with this subject?" Kya asks.

"There isn't a threat foreshadowing yet, not by any of the living Masters. They feel this subject's most immediate danger is losing sight of his pre-determined destiny and faltering down a path of evil. This will probably be a good feeling endeavor for you Kya,. Friendly interaction and exploring a different sort of mind" Syncai answers.

"This will be a new experience I suppose. I look forward to being part of this one's life. Where do I find him Master?" Kya asks.

"You must journey to a new city not far from here. Portland is home to the one they call Billy. He will discover you, but sense his aura immediately upon arrival and get as close as you can. This isn't a casual effort on your part. The elders feel very strongly about this situation, so try to initiate the relationship quickly," Syncai instructs Kya.

"I will Master. I look forward to meeting him. I wish we had more time together," Kya sighs.

"Someday, my little one, maybe someday," Syncai says happily as all turns white.

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Original - Nice Picture Of A Portland, Oregon City Street

The rain drives hard on the Portland city street. Most people stay indoors on such a cold and blustery autumn day. No one notices the small, dark figure emerging from the sidewalk's soft shadows. A small dog trots along quietly on nimble paws and in the same motion, thoroughly shakes the falling rain from it's sturdy coat, and continuing on path.

Kya could smell food from every direction, which was good. The instantaneous journey always depleted her strength, so eating would be an immediate necessity. She comes to a sudden stop and gazes down a dimply lit alleyway. The lunch - dinner change over at a gritty Tai food restaurant looks like the best opportunity for a fast meal. Kya cautiously heads down into the alley's realm and a familiar smell. She's enjoyed rice centuries ago with the Japanese Prince and tonight she would savor it once again.

"I can sense your strong aura Billy. We will be together very soon, but for now you'll have to wait. Being in the real world means I get to eat, and eat I shall," Kya thinks to herself as she pokes her head into a crate.

This is my entry into @carolkean SFT Rhino Rules Fiction Contest. Below is a picture of my Shiba Inu, Captain. The inspiration for all of this I suppose.

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