Ultimate Online Wrestling CH-9: Friday Night Clash 5!

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To learn more about our writers characters check out these links below for their creative work. The creative writing work listed below is what results and story-line's for this show were based off of and inspired by. I could NOT write this story without there work and I highly recommend reading this work before this show for insight into the minds and lives of these characters.

Brock Abishag: https://steemit.com/fiction/@drsummeroff/tragedy-in-the-compound
Jeremiah Vastrix: https://steemit.com/roleplaying/@vastrix/war-of-lightning-and-thunder
Gabrielle Montgomery: https://steemit.com/uow/@caramelgabrielle/earning-her-bj-black-belt
Dwight Couch: https://steemit.com/roleplay/@dwightcouch/what-once-was-old-is-now-new-return-of-the-legend
Takuma Sato: https://steemit.com/fiction/@ultimatewrestlin/the-strings-of-fate-and-fortune-the-takuma-sato-story-chapter-8


The Cult of the Blob sat gathered around an old wooden table inside the compounds “war room” where most of Dr. Summeroff’s high tech equipment is set up and kept cool. On the table sits a bottle of GlenBlobich whisky which the group seems to be enjoying as they watch the Television monitors mounted all around the room. The group seems to be focused on the recent stock market down turn that everyone at M.O.X Business and the top show “Quick Money” is freaking out about. The headline below reads “STOCK MARKET DOWN 2’000 POINTS IN 12 DAYS”. Summeroff points at the monitors before speaking to his cult.

Dr. Sumerroff: Look my children, it’s already starting! This fraud of an experiment that these banksters and the Federal Reserve call “Quantitative Easing” is finally dying it slow death! The Chickens are coming home to roost! Not even 12 Trillion dollars of printed money could save them from the hole they dug themselves into!

Brother Abandon takes swig of the Blob fluid aged in white oak barrels picked out and bought single hand by the good Doctor himself. Summeroff has strict rules of a minimum nine year aging process. The drink is one used for both therapeutic relief and for visions of clarity. Abandon then puts his drink down and begins adding his analysis of the crisis taking place.

Brother Abandon: The fools thought they could print their way out of that mess they created back in 2008! Look at them all! They have no idea what to do! There precious "Trouble Asset Relief Program" is going up in smoke! They’re all like scared little children who ran up mommy and daddies credit cards and now have nothing to pay them back with. The house of cards is finally coming down.

Dr. Summeroff: Boobs! All of them! For weeks they went on about how dangerous it was investing in crypto currencies! The damn crypto currency market is up over 130 billion dollars now! Lies! All of them spreading lies to continue this absurd charade!

Brother Buzi was next to speak up. The tentacles of his lovecraftian life like mask moved about almost to mirror his emotions. No one even at the compound really knew if it was really a mask of it he had been part some mad experiment concocted by Dr. Summeroff himself. It always made his brother’s uncomfortable but at the same time made anything he ever said taken with great seriousness.

Brother Buzi: What fool would trust these mindless zombies with financial advice anyway? It’s obvious they are trying to calm the sheep while they can still sell off their own personal investments before the market crashes and burns.

Brother Abandon: The same fools who find themselves in over 132’000 dollars of debt! That’s the average U.S. households finances these days according to the National Inflation Association. A trusted group…or so I here.

Borther Buzi: Debt makes us all slaves my brothers. So speaks the Gospel of Blob.

Brother Buzi raises his wooden cup and his brother salute him before they each consume a shot of the fine aged liquor.

Dr. Summeroff: Indeed Buzi. You speak wisely my friend. The current financial system is a sin and an abomination. A tool used by the governments of the world to enslave the Blob’s children in order to force them to do their bidding. The Federal Reserve has kept interest rates low for far too long!

Brother Abandon: I can’t agree more Doctor. Too much money has been borrowed! The American people have no self-control. The money was meant to help keep the economy moving and instead these greedy dupes bought bigger homes and more expensive vehicles with adjustable interest rates! Now the Fed has to raise interest rates in order to recoup the money they lent out to the banks. These morons won’t be able to pay for what they borrowed and foreclosure and repossessions will be on every local news channel across the country. It will be 2008 all over again but worse!

Brother Buzi: Much worse. It will make the great depression look like the roaring twenties my friends. Soon the banks will have zero capital to lend out… The economy is about to come to a screeching halt.

Brother Abishag: So you’re saying the banks will fail again?

Dr. Summeroff: Of course they will and this time the tax payer’s won’t stomach another bail out! There will be riots in the streets just as the Blob showed me in my vision of the parallel world! Violence will sweep the nations of the world! Buildings and intuitions will burn! The world will never be the same.

Brother Abishag: How can this be? All they talk about on these business news channels is that the economy is stronger than it’s been in years. President McStrump has stated so in numerous interviews and the Job’s report stated that over 16 million new jobs were added this year. People seem to be feeling optimistic from the conservative side of the spectrum.

Dr. Summeroff: All lies Abishag! All that orange toupee wearing baboon does is lie! Only 170’000 jobs were added this quarter! Only 8’000 of them were full time! Most of them are jobs working at Fat Burger and Store-Mart for minimum wage! Try to supporting a family on that wage my friend.

Brother Abishag: I see… it would seem things are a lot more ominous than I originally thought…

Dr. Summeroff: Of course they are! Total consumer debt is at 12.5 Trillion dollars! That doesn’t even factor in student loan debt!

Brother Buzi: Not mention the 10% inflation we’ve been experiencing every year. They lie to us all, telling us it’s only 2% inflation each year! Tell me when is the last time your groceries only went up 2%?

Brother Abandon: Buzi makes a fine point. The inflation is what will cripple them in the long run. It’s already stretching average citizens thinner and thinner every year. Wait till the hyperinflation begins and the inflationary depression starts.

Dr. Summeroff: People will starve and die in the streets before they can figure out how to sort this mess out. Nothing they do will be able to pay for this insane debt! Nothing! Thankfully our provisions here at the compound will keep us safe and fed while this crisis unfolds.

Brother Abishag: Perhaps McStrump’s Tax Cuts will stimulate the economy and increase GDP? All of Republicans seem very confident this will be the case.

Dr. Summeroff: Abishag are you listening to us? The economy will be unable to grow enough to cover the deficit of these irrational tax cuts he’s signed into law! This is all just a ploy by McStrump to protect himself and his friends in Super Class of society from the impending doom. They’re currently 94 Million people unemployed and out of the work force! 43 Million People are on food stamps!

Abishag slams his cup on the table clearly frustrated with Dr. Summeroff’s pessimistic attitude.

Brother Abishag: Fine! Then what do you suggest we do about it?

Dr. Summeroff: Blob coin…

Brother Abishag: What?

Dr. Summeroff: Blob coin you dolt! What do you think I’ve been doing in here all night? I’ve been learning about Block Chain technology! We will spread the word of Blob and save the financial system with our revolutionary coin!

Brother Abishag: It sounds like Ponzi scheme. I’m not sure the Blob would approve.

Dr. Summeroff: Fool! Have you done any research on Crypto Currency before criticizing it?

Brother Buzi: The good Doctor is right Abishag. Do not criticize something you have not fully studied. The Blob Coin has limited supply of fifty million coins and it can never be changed or manipulated by anyone. Not even the Doctor.

Brother Abishag: Digital money? Like bitcoin? I don’t know how safe that is. Look what happened with the coins you lost last week.

Dr. Summeroff: Do you take me for a fool Abishag? I have seen the short comings of the current crypto currencies. All will be made clear with time.

Brother Buzi: He is right brother. I’ve looked at his security system and it’s solid. Also the good doctor has out done himself with the algorithm. It will allow 10 times the transactions Visa is able to do currently. Dr. Summeroff has solved the scaling issue holding Bitcoin back. It is going to revolutionize crypto currency payments and how the new digital economy works.

Brother Abishag: Well then…it would seem I have much to study and learn.

The scene ends with the group disbanding for their afternoon meditation period.


“Stranglehold” by Ted Nugent begins to blare from the audio speakers inside the Dallas Sportatorium arena. Unlike at Ultra Slam where most of the general public was too scared to attend the event, the southern Texan fans seem unfazed and unwilling to let fear deter them from attending the number one streamed wrestling show on the internet. Some highlights from Ultra Slam play on the Ultimate-Tron above the stage firing up the fans in attendance even more before an awesome display of pyrotechnics are set off from the main stage.

Scott Slade: Hello Ultimate Wrestling fans! We are five Days removed from our biggest Pay Per View of the year Ultra Slam! What a fantastic event it was, chock full of shocking moments! Chris, Valora Salinas retained the Ultimate Wrestling Franchise Title Belt in what was one of the most grueling matches we’ve ever seen here at U.O.W.

Chris Rodgers: I don’t want to talk about it! What I do want to talk about though is Brother Abishag and the Cult of The Blob! These guys are out of the control! M.O.X news has been reporting the Las Vegas Police officers who arrested them have gone missing! For those who missed Ultra Slam, Dr. Summeroff and his group SAVAGEDLY beat Davey Boy O’Brien and Kronin Rienhardt before the match even started!

Scott Slade: It was a horrendous sight but it looks like our two top European stars are okay and here tonight to fight in a very dangerous and difficult Hell in the Cell six way survivor match!

Chris Rodgers: It’s for a shot at Salinas and her Franchise Title so you know they’re going to block out the pain in any way that they can to get the job done. They want to get inside that cage here tonight because there is just too much at stake Scott.

As the cage begins to lower down from the rafters “Heart of Courage” by Two Steps from Hell starts to play over the sound system as the Cell begins to lower down from the arena’s rafters. The noise from the fans increases as the cage meets the floor surrounding the ring.

Scott Slade: Well fans it looks like we are about to kick things off like never before here on Friday Night Clash!

Chris Rodgers: You’d have to buy a Pay Per View event to see something like this on Riot Star Wrestling!


Hell In The Cell.jpg

The cameras transition from the cell to the main stage as “Something to Believe In” by Off-Spring starts to play on the arena’s sound system. Takuma Sato walks out onto the stage with a newly reinforced red cast on his right hand. The fans let out a roar of support respecting his perseverance and guts for putting it all on the line.


Scott Slade: I still cannot believe Sato is going to fight in this insane match with a shattered hand and wrist. This could be a career ending decision by the young martial artist.

Chris Rodgers: It’s about time someone showed some machismo! This is wrestling! Not figure skating! Bravo! Bravo! I applaud Takuma for being an actual man!

Scott Slade: Sato of course injured his hand in that fantastic match at Ultra Slam he had against Valora Salinas.

Chris Rodgers: Don’t remind me. He had her on the ropes and then she used those damn steel steps on Takuma right when he was about to finish her off! How lucky can that woman get? Honestly!

Takuma gets to the cell door and the referee opens it letting him inside the steel structure. His music is cut off and “Caithness, Scotland” by John O’Groats begins to play. The fans give a mixed reaction to the master of the head-butt as he makes his way out onto the stage with his shoulder and forehead bandaged up still from the violent attack he suffered at Ultra Slam.


Scott Slade: Well it looks like he is all patched up and ready to give it all he has tonight.

Chris Rodgers: Another real man on the roster showing us what he is made of. I’m sure he’s sore all over after that massive fall from the stage he took. He needs to be quick on his feet if he wants to win tonight.

Scott Slade: I don’t think he will be head butting anyone tonight Chris.

Chris Rodgers: Not with the bump his noggin took last week. No way!

O’Brien steps into the ring and gives Sato a short bow paying respects to his culture and martial arts background. He then turns around and waits for his next opponent to appear. His music stops and “Ich Will” by Rammstien begins to play. Kronin Reinhardt walks out onto the stage in his German colors and also receives a mixed reaction from the crowd. His head and left shoulder are all bandaged up and he looks a bit sore as he makes his way down the ramp.


Scott Slade: Here comes the German Suplexe Machine!

Chris Rodgers: I think the machine needs some new parts! Kronin is looking rough and hasn’t been himself since he started tangling with Abishag. However to be fair to the big German lug, no one has really been the same after fighting that beast of a man.

Scott Slade: Well he’s got a shot to get back on track here and most of his opponents are hurt just as bad as he is if not worse.

Chris Rodgers: That’s a good point! Keep in mind, the only way to win this match is to be the last man standing unpinned! A true test of grit and determination to survive among some of the top talent in Ultimate Wrestling.

Kronin steps into the ring and gives both of his opponents a nod acknowledging them. Suddenly the German’s music stops and “Come With Me Now” by the Kongo’s begins to play and out walks Dwight Couch in his black and red gear. The southern crowd lets out a monstrous roar for the grizzled Kentucky native as he slaps high fives with the fans on the way down the ramp.

Dwight Couch.jpg

Scott Slade: The veteran is back!

Chris Rodgers: Well he never left, but his match was canceled at Ultra Slam due to some unfortunate circumstances.

Scott Slade: Well he’s got a big advantage tonight because he’s in good shape and all healed up from his injuries from the Tournament of Fortune. This could be his shot to get his career back on track and become a big name in Ultimate Wrestling.

Chris Rodgers: Well the fans are behind him that is for sure. He still hasn’t proven to me however that he still got some gas left in the tank for a serious run. I need to see more from him and here is a great chance to do that as you said Scott.

Scott Slade: Yeah I’d also like to learn more about the man behind the legend myself Chris. There is obviously a lot motivation for him to risk his health at this age. Why is he here in Ultimate Wrestling? What is he trying to prove?

Couch enters the ring and immediately starts to brawl with O’Brien igniting the fans into a frenzy. Sato and Kronin back away from the brawl as Scotsman’s music cuts off and Baron Vendredi walks out onto the stage with “All Along the Watchtower” by Jimmy Hendrix playing. The fans give the big New Orleans native and Detroit college football star a mixed reaction as he makes his way down the ramp.


Chris Rodgers: Another under performer with a lot of raw talent and chance to make a name for himself in this match.

Scott Slade: He’s healthy, he’s powerful, and he’s hungry for it. This could be his time!

The Baron enters the cell and goes after Kronin and the two begin to brawl. Suddenly without warning the brawling between O’Brien and D.C. stops. Couch grabs the Scotsman by the head and DDT’s him into the ring mat hard. The fans erupt from the impact just as Vendredi’s music cut’s off. The roar from the fans echoes through the arena and is then dulled out by Rihana’s “Hard” which starts to play from sound system. “The Caramel delight” Gabrielle Montgomery walks out onto the stage in her skimpy hot pink wrestling attire. The new diva is all oiled up and her sexy long brown legs glisten from the arenas lighting. The Southern men go absolutely crazy for the porn star wrestler whistling and cat calling her like crazy as she sexily makes her way down the ramp reverting their conscious minds into a primal barbaric state. Some of the language used is actually bleeped out by the M.O.X television team filming the live event for censorship reasons due to its crudeness.


Chris Rodgers: I am totally against this Scott! A beautiful woman like Miss Montgomery should not be fighting in a match filled male competitors! She’s liable to get hurt and not be able to continue her duel career as a porn star and a female professional fighter!

Scott Slade: That has to be the most ridiculous duel career move I ever heard of! One career depends on your beauty as performer, the other abuses your body and face to upmost extremes. I have to question this young woman’s intelligence to be frank. Also, you’re just worried she won’t be able to film anymore of those videos you’re always watching on your smart phone.

Chris Rodgers: Shut up Scott! I can’t help it! I’m just so… in love… I mean infatuated with this gorgeous woman!

Scott Slade: I think I’m going throw up in my mouth. Anyway, Miss Montgomery performed well in her first match against Abbigail Dresden and tonight she’s earned a shot at jumping to the top of the ladder with a win here tonight.

Gabrielle gets to the cell where absolute chaos has now broken loose. She enters the cell and then walks to the side of the edge of the ring watching the action inside ring. The outside referee locks the cell door behind her and then signals to the bell man to sound the official start of the match. The bell is rung and Gabrielle slides into the ring and begins to parade around showing off her assets amongst the bedlam around her.

Scott Slade: What in God’s name is that airhead doing in there!

Chris Rodgers: I don’t think she realizes the danger she’s in! Look out Miss Montgomery!

Meanwhile in the ring, Sato walks up and kicks Kronin hard in the lower back. This grabs the German’s attention and distracts him from Baron Vendredi. Kronin, unbalanced is grabbed by Vendredi and then tossed into the corner turnbuckle. Vendredi then starts unloading on him with a series of brutal kicks to the German’s gut. The beating forces Kronin to slump down to the mat on his butt and the sheer violence of it ignites the crowd. Vendredi puts his hands up in the air celebrating his offensive momentum but his celebration is cut short when his former tag team partner, Sato nails him with a Super Kick to the chin just as he is turning around. The blow drops the big football player to the mat like brick.

Scott Slade: Oooh! That’s going to leave a mark!

Chris Rodgers: In a match like this you have to stay focused! Danger is all around you!

On the other side of the ring Dwight has now mounted O’Brien onto the top of the turnbuckle in their corner. He then climbs up it and delivers and breath taking super-plex which sends the fans in the arena into a fever. Both men lay on the ring mat breathing heavily. Gabrielle walks up and picks up O’Brien, taking full advantage of his precarious situation. She then locks his head in under her arm and snap DDT’s him straight into the mat before covering him for a pin. Referee Bob Sigro dives on the mat for the count.

Chris Rodgers: The 34 Double D-DT!

Scott Slade: Gabrielle with the cover! ONE! TWO! THREE! O’Brien has been eliminated already!

Chris Rodgers: That’s the second DDT he’s suffered in five minutes. His brain must be absolutely scrambled.

Referee Bob Sigro helps the Scotsman out of the ring and the secondary referee walks him over to the steel door which is now opened so that he can be looked at by the Ultimate Wrestling medical team. The action inside the ring continues as Sato uses his good hand to pull up Kronin by his spandex leotard. He then tosses him against the ropes and Kronin lays there against them hanging back. It’s clear that Kronin is suffering from the effects of his concussion. Sato leaps up into the air and round house kicks the big German up over the ropes and onto the floor. Kronin ends up rolling over to the steel mesh of the cell trying to pull himself up off of the floor after the devastating attack. Sato turns around Just as the Baron has gotten back to his feet and catches him just in time with another devastating super kick straight to the face. The big 280 pound linebacker crashes to the mat like a stone pillar collapsing.

Chris Rodgers: Damn! Vendredi’s isn’t going to have any teeth left to eat dinner later tonight with the way Sato’s dishing out those kicks!

Scott Slade: Takuma is definitely proving to everyone that he’s just as dangerous now with a broken hand as he was without it!

Chris Rodgers: What the hell is he doing now!

Takuma leaps up onto the top rope, springboards off of it, and connects with a devastating axe kick that nearly decapitates Kronin who was struggling to get to his feet. The fans erupt and begin chanting “Holy Shit” as Sato lands on his feet like only a trained martial artist could after a maneuver like that. A smile comes over his face as he looks down at his crippled German opponent.

Scott Slade: My God! Sato nearly broke Kronin’s neck with that flying axe kick!

Chris Rodgers: The kid can go Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon at any moment and we got a great view of it right there Scott. Listen to these fans! They love it!

Back inside the ring Gabrielle has now perched herself up on the top turnbuckle and has her sights set on Vendredi laid out in the center of the ring. She also goes high flying and lands a fierce four fifty splash on him. Gabrielle then hooks the leg and referee Bob Sigro dives down on the mat again for another count.

Scott Slade: Four Fifty SPLASH!

Chris Rodgers: Miss Montgomery showing us that she’s more than the average woman!

Scott Slade: The cover! ONE! TWO! THREE! Vendredi has been eliminated! Gabrielle picking off opponents left and right!

Chris Rodgers: She’s smarter than she looks Scott!

Scott Slade: ….

Chris Rodgers: What?

*Sato picks Kronin up and tosses him back into the ring. Kronin lays motionless on his back still not conscious after that devastating attack from Sato. Dwight Couch and motions to Gabrielle to help him pick up Kronin. The two work together to Suplexe the big German and Reinhardt slams into the ring mat hard. Both of his assailants cover him with their bodies for a pin. *

Scott Slade: Double team!

Chris Rodgers: Gabrielle loves a good double team!

Scott Slade: Double cover after the suplexe! ONE! TWO! THREE! Rienhardt has been eliminated and I have to think that he will be very disappointed with his performance here tonight.

Chris Rodgers: He probably wasn’t ready to really return. It looks like Sato is the only injured man still with a fighting chance to win this thing.

Kronin and Vendredi are helped out of the cell as the action continues between Dwight Couch and Montgomery. The two fighters lock up in the center of the ring as Sato looks on from the outside. Couch out muscles the much smaller Gabrielle and pushes her into the turnbuckle. He then unloads with a six punch closed fist combo to her midsection before grabbing her by the neck and taking her down to the mat with an impressive “snapmare” takedown. The fans give a mixed reaction as their two favorites clash in the ring violently. Couch quickly takes advantage of Gabrielle being on her back and lands a massive elbow across her chest and attempts a pin.

Scott Slade: Couch with a cover after the elbow! ONE! TWO! KICK OUT BY MONTGOMERY!

Chris Rodgers: Couch trying to put away Montgomery here so that the men can get to the serious business at hand.

Scott Slade: Oh yeah, that’s totally it. Do you listen to yourself?

Chris Rodgers: I think we’ve established that already. The answer is no.

Couch picks up Montgomery and whips her into the ropes. Gabrielle bounces off of them and comes back at Dwight avoiding his attack by sliding under his legs in the process. The diva porn star then pops up quickly and kicks Dwight in the gut and follows it up with a wicked swinging neck breaker. The fans erupt and Gabrielle makes the cover on Dwight who lays motionless on the mat breathing heavily.

Chris Rodgers: At a girl! Show them you can dish out that punishment as good as you can take it!

Scott Slade: Massive neck breaker by Montgomery! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Chris Rodgers: Unbelievable! Dwight Couch is gone! We are down to our last two fighters!

Scott Slade: Sato just slid into the ring and wraps Gabrielle up from behind! ONE! TWO! NO!

Chris Rodgers: What a sneaky move by that ninja freak!

Scott Slade: Gabrielle is going to have to stay focused if she wants to beat this man!

Chris Rodgers: She been working on her Brazilian jujitsu Scott. I think she might be able to hold her own against even a seasoned martial artist like Sato.

Scott Slade: Are you joking? You can’t tell me that porno she shot last week is going to somehow prepared her to fight a U.S. Martial Arts National Champion. If you are you’re more senile than I originally thought!

Both fighters get to their feet and begin to circle one another like two mixed martial arts fighters would inside the octagon. The diva dives in after Sato first and goes for a double leg take down. The offensive maneuver is met with a sharp knee to the nose that rocks her skull violently. Gabrielle stumbles back disoriented holding her nose with her hands as blood begins to cover them and drip onto the mat. When she removes her hands from her face it is clear that her nose has been broken. Tears drip down from her eyes and run down her filler filled injected cheeks. The fans begin to turn on Sato at the sight of seeing their favorite Ultimate Wrestling Diva suffer such a brutal attack.

Scott Slade: My god! Sato just crushed Gabrielle in the face with that knee strike!

Rich Relando: I think he broke her nose! She won’t be able film for weeks! This is a travesty! Throw in the towel Gabrielle! It’s not worth risking your lucrative career as a porn star!

Scott Slade: Yes of course. God forbid she have to do any real work to earn a living like the rest of us…

Sato dances around quickly with some fancy footwork as he gentlemanly awaits for Gabrielle to regain some of her senses. He taunts her by motioning with his good left hand for the Diva to come at him. Frustrated Gabrielle charges in again and Sato tries to counter with a kick to her head but this time somehow Montgomery is able to get underneath his leg and take him down to the mat with only absorbing some of the kick. She immediately strikes Takuma’s injured right hand which opens him up to some shots to his face and chest. She then gets up off Sato, jumps into the air, and double stomps on his chest before parading around the ring in an extremely cocky manner.

Scott Slade: What the hell does she think she’s doing? Why would you unmount an opponent when you have the advantage?

Chris Rodgers: She’s giving the fan’s what they want! She’s in showbiz! She knows how to work a crowd!

Sato rolls over onto his side holding his injured hand but manages to get to his feet while Gabrielle is distracted with the fans. When she turns around she is met with an insane butterfly kick from Takuma that connects straight to the side of her skull. The blow sends her up over the top rope and onto the floor. The fans continue to boo Sato as Montgomery lays motionless on the floor. Sato then goes to the turnbuckle closest to Montgomery and climbs up to the top rope.

Chris Rodgers: No! What the hell is he doing?

Scott Slade: Takuma looking for a high risk maneuver! Diving elbow off of the top turning buckle to the floor! NO! Gabrielle moves out the way just in time!

Chris Rodgers: Thank God!

Sato lay’s on the floor holding his injured appendage and right elbow while Gabrielle pulls herself up by the mesh steel fencing. She then walks past Sato making sure to step on his injured hand on her way over to the steel steps. She then dislodges them from the ring and picks the steel steps up. She then aggressively begins using them as a weapon slamming them onto Sato’s torso. The fans let out a roar and Montgomery covers Sato for a pin on the floor. Referee Jim Cooker on the outside is there for the count.

Scott Slade: Pin falls are legal anywhere inside of the cell structure! Gabrielle going for the win!

Chris Rodgers: ONE! TWO! NO! Takuma with a kick out! This kid doesn’t know when to quit!

Scott Slade: Takuma Sato will not give up! He wants a rematch with Valora! He wants it bad!

Gabrielle picks up the martial artist and whips him into the steel fencing. Sato bounces off of it with some force. Gabrielle sprints in with a spear to try and finish Sato off, but Takuma sees it coming and uses his lightning reflexes to standing front kick her straight in the face. The impact knocks a tooth out of her mouth as Gabrielle hits the floor like a rag doll. The fans let out an “Oooh” as Sato drops to his knees and covers his bloodied opponent.

Scott Slade: Welcome to Ultimate Wrestling Gabrielle Montgomery! Damn that had to hurt!

Rich Relando: Stay down Gabrielle! It’s not worth it!

Scott Slade: I’m pretty sure I saw a tooth fly into the front row! Sato with a cover! ONE! TWO! KICK OUT! KICK OUT! I can’t believe it!

Rich Relando: No dammit! Stay down! No one wants to see anyone more damage done to that sweet face!

Sato pulls Gabrielle up and begins unloading shots to her forehead with his casted right hand. The blow’s gash open her forehead and send the diva stumbling back a few steps up against the chain link fence. Her bloodied face is a nasty visual as Sato rams a few ruthless knee strikes to her gut before picking her up and sit-down “gut-wrench” power bombing her straight onto the floor. Sato holds her in place for a pin much to the horror of the fans in the front row.

Scott Slade: Oh my! What a series of moves by Sato! A sit-down power bomb for the win! ONE! TWO! THREE! It’s over! Sato wins!

Chris Rodgers: Someone get the damn medical team out here now! We need ice packs! A plastic surgeon! We have to preserve Miss Montgomery’s looks to the best of our ability! This is an emergency! Where the hell are they?

Sato gets back to his feet as the fans boo him heavily and the bell is rung signifying the end of the Hell in the Cell match. The head referee Bob Sigro slides out of the ring and raises his hand in the air signifying Sato as the winner of the match. “Something to Believe in” by Off Spring begins to play in the arena as the cage begins to be lifted up off the floor.

Scott Slade: Sato is the new number one contender for the Franchise title once again! Fans we have to cut for a short commercial break! Stick around we’ve got more brilliant action coming your way!


Chris Rodgers: Wait! Sato’s getting back in the ring and asking for a Microphone!

Scott Slade: What is this all about?

Rich Relando runs up to the ring and hands Sato a microphone through the ring ropes while the referee's attend to Gabrielle Montgomery who is currently being helped up off the floor in an absolute stupor. Takuma seems very fired up as the adrenaline rush courses through veins throughout his entire nervous system.

Sato: Get that dumb {BLEEEP} off of the floor and out of my sight!

The fans instantly go into a hostile frenzy and begin to chant “asshole” at Sato as continues to his rant.

Sato: I been busting my ass for months in this federation and I’ll be damned if I’m going to go easy on some whore who thinks she can come into my world and beat me at my game! This isn’t a porno shoot sweetie! THIS PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING!

The referee’s begin to help the Diva back up the ramp as she stares angrily back at Sato absorbing his words as they are ingrained into her brain.

Sato: You need to pick a career and stick with it! There is no duel career in this sport! You ether commit One! Hundred! Percent! Or you end up the way you did tonight!

The fans continue to boo the martial artist as he walks back and forth in the ring and avoids the trash being thrown at him by the fans who seem to be getting more frustrated with Sato ignoring them.

Sato: You can boo and cuss at me all you want! I could {Bleeep!} care less! The majority of you stupid rednecks probably voted for that {Bleeep!} ass-clown McStrump that we are now having to suffer with in the Oval Office!

Chris Rodgers: Fans we apologize for this insane rant from this brainwashed liberal!

Scott Slade: Brainwashed liberal? It’s about time someone started speaking the truth!

Chris Rodgers: The truth? You have to be joking! This man has clearly taken one too many blows to the head!

Sato: That fat idiot sits on his throne signing presidential executive orders that will destroy our countries natural resources and probably cause another financial crisis but you boo me? It’s good to see where the people of so called great State of Texas stand!

Scott Slade: Wow, Sato laying into the fans!

Sato: Tax cuts for the rich! Deregulation of financial system, and attacks on minorities every chance he gets, Oh right, but I’m the bad guy because I'm pointing out all the stupidity!

The fans begin to chant “McStrump” and ignoring Sato’s words.

Sato: I see there’s no getting through to you people so I’ll turn my attention to the Woman who actually I respect a great deal and that’s Valora Salinas!

The fans instantly grow even more angry and hostile at the sheer mention of Valora’s name. It’s clear her pro-immigrant stance and feminist ideology is not very popular among the Texan men. Sato smiles at their reaction fully anticipating it.

Sato: Last time we met at Ultra Slam you bested me in a moment where I got over confident! Rest assure that it will not happen again. I am coming for you Valora and this time that Franchise Title will be coming home with ME!

Sato drops the microphone and his music begins to play again as he exits the ring and heads back up the ramp. The fans continue to heckle him and throw garbage at him as he ignores them on his back to the backstage area. The cameras then cut back to the announcer team of Scott and Chris who are shocked.

Chris Rodgers: That young man has lost his mind! However I think Valora better take heed of his threats! He means business and he’s got a lot on the line.

Scott Slade: No doubt about it Chris. Fans I am being screamed at through my earpiece we have to take that commercial break! Will be back after this short 30 second break!


The live feed returns with the cameras focused on Rich Relando in the ring ready to start the wrestling show back up again after the short commercial break. As always Rich Relando is dressed in his custom white suit, matching white fedora hat, and red tie. The fans are jacked after that intense opening match and have begun to stomp and clap in anticipation for the main event.


"Eternal Kingdom" by the Cult of Luna begins to play over the arenas sound system as Brother Abishag and Jeremiah Vastrix walk out onto the stage. Jeremiah has a new style of mask on that he is wearing and the light brightly gleams off of it in the artificial indoor lighting. Abishag is dressed in the cults oceanic blue monks robe and both wrestlers hold their gold title belts over their shoulders. The Dallas fans give them both a somewhat positive reaction as they make their way down the aisle.

Rich Relando: Making their way to the ring! Weighing in at combined weight of five hundred and twenty five pounds! The unholy alliance! Jeremiah Vastrix and Brother Brock Abishag! THE ULTIMATE WRESTLING TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!



Scott Slade: These two brazenly attacked Kronin and Davey Boy last week at Ultra Slam before they even made it to the ring. The European Connection was so badly injured that the match was never even officially started!

Chris Rodgers: These men are not to be trifled with that is for damn sure. However, I'm not sure what's keeping this team together other than success. There has to be something behind the scenes at play here that we're not privy too.

Scott Slade: What is more surprising to me is the response they’re getting from the fans here down south.

Chris Rodgers: The people want to see Valora get what is coming to her! They don’t care who dishes the punishment out!

Abishag and Vastrix step into the ring and hand over their title belts to referee Bob Sigro. They then begin to discuss strategy as their music comes to an end and “Bring It” by Trapt starts to play. The majority of Texan fans boo Valora and Abbigail as they make their way out onto the stage. There are a few supportive female fans inside the arena, but they’re drowned out by the rest of the fans and their “Feminist Dynamo” signs are grabbed by southerner’s who rip them aggressively apart.

Scott Slade: Weighing in at a combined weight off three hundred and ten pounds! Abbigail Dresden and the Ultimate Wrestling Franchise Champion VALORA SALINAS! The FEMINIST DYNAMO!



Scott Slade: You have to think Dresden is looking for some revenge after the beating she took from Abishag at Friday Night Clash 4 during that four way tag team title match up from two weeks ago.

Chris Rodgers: Are you kidding? The girl is terrified! As she should be! That is last thing I would want to do is get the ring with Abihag! Especially after he nearly broke my spine!

Abbigail and Valora ignore the fans and make their way down the ramp. Once at ringside they slide into the squared circle. Valora takes off her Franchise title belt and raises it high in the air causing the fans to boo her even more. She then hands her title belt over to Bob Sigro for safe keeping and begins chatting with Abigail discussing their strategy. After a few moments Vastrix and Valora begin to circle one another and the bell is rung signaling the start of the match. The two lock of in the center of the ring and Jeremiah uses his size and strength to out power Valora and pushes her up against the ropes. He then bounces her off of them and sends her across the ring where Abishag takes the opportunity to knee her in the back when she bounces into the ropes on his side of the ring. The blow causes Valora to stumble forward and Vastrix grabs her and locks her in under his arm. The fans cheer as he lifts her straight into the air and then front face busters her straight into the ring mat.

Scott Slade: Oh! Rough start for Valora!

Chris Rodgers: Yes! I love it! Jeremiah is looking sharp tonight!

Vastrix is up on his feet quickly and picks up Valora and hits her with a “snapmare” take over and then dashes to the ropes, bounces off of them, and comes down hard on Valora’s face with a sharp elbow drop. He then covers Valora for a pin and referee Bob Sigro dives to the mat for the count.

Chris Rodgers: Quick pin from Vastrix!

Scott Slade: ONE! TWO! NO! Valora kicks out the last second but just barely!

Vastrix leaps to his feet picks up Valora and then suplexes her hard into the mat as the fans go wild with the Unholy Alliances fast and powerful start. Vastrix then sprints to the turnbuckle and gets up onto the second rope. He then leaps up off of the turnbuckle and hits another devastating front face elbow drop on Valora. Jeremiah again goes for a quick cover on the Franchise Champion.

Scott Slade: What an elbow drop and cover! ONE! TWO! THREE! NO! Valora kicked out the last possible nano second! The Ultimate Wrestling champion off her game tonight! What is going on?

Chris Rodgers: She’s finally run out of gas in her old age! Time to retire grandma! Looks like it took everything she had left in the tank to beat Sato!

Jeremiah picks up and tosses Valora into the ropes for a third time and this time it backfires and Valora hits a swinging neck breaker that kills the masked wrestler’s momentum. Both fighters get to their feet at the same time but Valora is able to clobber Vastrix with a clothesline that drops him to the mat and buy’s her enough time to tag Dresden into the match. Dresden immediately goes to the top rope of the turnbuckle and tries to turn the tide of the match with a big move but comes up empty with a missed frog splash. Vastrix rolled out the way just in time and is quick to get back to his feet.

Chris Rodgers: How much more of this woman do we have to watch? She obviously isn’t cut out for this business!

Scott Slade: Oh come on! Cut the damn rookie a break Rodgers! She giving it all she got out there!

Vastrix immediately moves in on Dresden and starts stomping a mud hole in her as the fans cheer him on. He picks her up and tosses her into the turnbuckle. Abbigail bounces off of it hard and stumbles forward into the ring and is wrapped up by the Jeremiah into a “sleeper”. Dresden struggles to get out of it but Jeremiah won’t let go as she flails about trying to get free. Abbigail smartly backs her assailant into the turnbuckle forcing him to release the hold and then turns around and begins striking him hard in the face with closed fisted right hand shots. Sadly Vastrix’s cybernetic mask absorbs most of the attack and he pushes her back and then scoops her up and body slams her hard into the mat. Vastrix then drops an elbow over her chest before covering her.

Scott Slade: Dresden started putting up a fight but the tables have turned once again!

Chris Rodgers: This is it! ONE! TWO! No! No! No!

Scott Slade: Abbigail with the kick out! She’s not giving up! This Chicago native girl has a lot fight still left in her!

Chris Rodgers: Oh oh! Vastrix is tagging in Abishag! It’s over now! Abishag looks like he means business!

Vastrix moves to his corner and the big man steps into the ring as Abbigail is trying to get to her feet. She turns around to see the big brutish cult member standing right in front of her and instantly turns around and dives toward her corner to tag in her mentor Valora. Salinas doesn’t hesitate for a second and comes into the ring in a fit of fury. She leaps up into the air to sucker punch the big man straight in his jaw. The blow forces Abishag to stumble back and she continues her assault with a lightning combo of punches to his midsection that backs the big man up into the corner turnbuckle.

Scott Slade: My God! Hell have no fury like a woman scorned! Valora is going after Abishag with a vengeance!

Chris Rodgers: How the hell she doing this!

Abishag stops her momentum dead in its tracks however with a sharp elbow to the side of her head. He then clubs her repeatedly with his giant forearm right over her neck and spine. He then grabs her by the throat but instead of choke slamming her, he instead disrespects her by slapping her so hard across the face that she falls over on the mat. The fans go wild as the crack echo’s throughout the arena.

Chris Rodgers: That put that broad her in place! Fantastic Abishag! Fantastic!

Scott Slade: Valora is in real trouble here!

Abishag grabs Valora by her long black hair and picks her up off of the mat and attacks her spine again this time with a massive back breaker much like the one he used to injure Abbigail’s back the last time they met. The fans continue to cheer on the big man as he drops her to the mat and begins laughing at her before spitting on her as an extra show of disrespect. He then picks up the Franchise Champion like a rag doll and wraps his massive arms around her locking her into bear hug. Valora struggles to get free but can’t shake the big mans grip. Dresden tries to come out and help her mentor but is caught by Vastrix who nails her with a “cyborg slam” drilling her backside into the mat.

Scott Slade: Valora in trouble here! I don’t think I’ve ever seen her give up before but I don’t see how she gets out of this mess!

Chris Rodgers: Give up you bitch! GIVE UP!

Valora flails about like crazy for another forty seconds but eventually goes limp and signals that’s she giving up. The southern fans cheer and celebrate at the sight of Valora calling it quits. They begin chanting “Va-Whora Sucks” as the Latina cries in pain.

Chris Rodgers: YES! FINALLY! We’ve waited months to see it! Valora shows her cowardly colors finally! She’s given up! The Franchise Champion has QUIT!

Scott Slade: I’d like see how long you’d last in that bear hug you loud mouth old prick!

Referee Bob Sigro calls for the bell and the match ends with Abishag and Vastrix successfully defending that Tag Team Titles. However Abishag won’t release the bear hug hold on Valora after the bell even when Bob Sigro tries to force him. The bell continues to ring over and over again but the monster only continues to increase his pressure. Valora screams in pain and begins to tear up from the horrible pain she is enduring. Her screams turn into shrieks as Abishag does not relent.

Scott Slade: Abishag is trying to break Valora’s back! That crazy bastard won’t break the hold!

Chris Rodgers: Ha! I love it! Pour it on Abishag! Pour it on!

Jeremiah watches his tag team partner squeeze the literal life out of Valora as Ultimate Wrestling security rushes down ramp from backstage and dive into the ring. Only after Tasering Abishag from behind does the monster release the hold on his opponent. The security team quickly handcuff the big man as Valora collapses to the mat crying from immense pain she is in. Dresden comes to her side holding her hand as she screams for the medical team to help her. The Ultimate Wrestling medical staff rushes down the ramp as well and begin administering treatment to Valora as Abishag is escorted away from the ring.

Scott Slade: Fans unfortunately we are out of time, please check the Ultimate Wrestling website to find out details on Valora injuries!

Chris Rodgers: She finished! Done! Out of commission! It’s over! You hear me all you Lesbians and feminists? Your peoples champion’s career is over! Just like your movement! Hahahaha!

Scott Slade: Wow you’re so {bleep} up, you know that right?

Chris Rodgers: Ha! Good night everyone!


Our scene opens inside the office of Rupert Mudcock inside his New York business building in Manhattan. With him is Vice President of Operations Robert Elitistios. Both men are going over the financial records of Ultimate Wrestling. Rupert is smoking his trademark Cuban cigar and they are both enjoying a glass of Bourbon.

Robert: We took a big blow with Ultra Slam but it’s nothing a man like yourself can’t absorb.

Rupert: Of course you idiot, but that doesn’t make it sting any less. Rob Riot and his cronies ridiculed me without hesitation at the country club last weekend. The event was a failure and it’s that Blob Cults fault! Mark my words they will pay dearly for it!

Suddenly the phone on Rupert's desk rings and he reaches over and presses the speaker phone button.

Rupert: Yes Ms. Jones?

Ms. Jones: Sir, you’re not going to believe this but…

Rupert: Let me guess President McStrump is on the phone and wants another favor?

Ms. Jones: No sir, it’s Emperor Kim Jong-Un of North Korea.

Rupert: What? How on earth did he get this phone number?

Robert: Sir, I believe North Korea has some of the greatest hackers on the planet. They say no information is safe from them.

Rupert: Bah! Put him on the phone Ms. Jones! Let’s see what “Rocket Man” wants with us!

A few moments later...

Kim Jong-Un: Mr. Mudcock! I am big fan of big time wrestling show!

Rupert: Ah well I…Thank you Mr. Un… that’s very kind of you. How can I help the Emperor today?

Kim Jong-Un: My nephew birthday in six weeks! He love Ultimate Wrestling! He BIG TIME SATO fan! I demand you come to North Korea for Pay Per View event! You and your fighters honored guest!

Rupert: Mr. Un you are aware of the relations between our current nations. Such a request could never be possible with the current climate. I apologize, but we will not be able to accommodate this request.

Kim Jong-Un: Oooh! That’s too bad. I was going to give you twenty million dollar for show. My nephew will be very disappointed…

Rupert and Roberts eyes open up extremely wide when they hear the figure thrown out by the Emperor.

Rupert: Tell you what Kim. President McStrump and I go way back. Let me speak with him and perhaps something can be arranged.

Kim Jong-Un: Fantasntic! Thank you for your considerations Mr. Mudcock! Good day sir!

The scene ends with Rupert and Robert smiling at one another giddy with the prospect of making twenty million dollars from a single show.

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@ultimatewrestlin I read your post, great writing you are I like to post something like yours.

Well, how do you write so beautifully?


You have to write everyday and be comfortable with your office, devices, and applications you use.


Nice Article :)

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Just read through the show again. There were quite a few grammar mistakes that I fixed. I apologize that you read it before I could give it another read through. I had a MRI last evening and I felt very disoriented as I was trying to put this show together and get it posted.


oh thanks for the clarification, I will read it immediately

This is actually really cool, took me down memory lane. I use to do these same things, the wrestling RPG writing stuff back during AOL. Did all the email, lol. Wish I could remember some of my characters' names. Ahhh, good times man.

Thanks for the post!


If your interested we are always looking for new people to join. This is a great group to get back into the hobby with. Plus coin rewards on top of everything.

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Dude, did you write all of this yourself? Solid work. I'm still researching how you guys run your fed here on steemit by reading some of the back posts. Do you ever include include ads, logos, and links to send readers back to your fed website to boost enrollment?


There are links to our page on efedzone on the post about how to play and participate. I do most of my recruitment on twitter but it’s not easy to find people who are into crypto and also EFeds. I have had to do a lot of educating to help my roster understand how it all works. It’s good though it’s helping spread the good word of the new digital economy.

As far as result shows. Yes I do 100% of all the writing and then I kick money back to the roster of a show does well. This is the first show I’m probably going to take a loss on due to me promoting.

I’m still looking for more people to join the roster and I’m thinking about building a staff to help with match writing. However so far 2 shows a month and the small roster I have has allowed me to manage it on my own.


Here's another pat on the back. What kind of value do you normally expect on your posts? I think getting over $5 to $10 per post should get easy once you have a roster of 10 people all supporting the group.


My shows do better than the role plays. Ultra Slam PPV made 45 steem dollars. Most RPs don’t break a dollar but Vastrix had one make 30$ and I had one make almost 50$ once. It all depends on the whales.

This show has been fully proof read now. Enjoy :)

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