Ultimate Online Wrestling CH-8: Ultra Slam Pay Per View Event!

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A crowd of angry cult followers surrounded the snow-covered Tiny Lister Memorial Arena blocking the FBI and police SWAT team now onsite from accessing the old building. What was once the sleepy town of Mt. Vernon Washington State, has transformed into a full-scale media circus with MOX and other news trucks onsite and reporters trying to get their network coverage on this bizarre story. Only a few hours have passed since the cameras switched off for Friday Night Clash 4. The SWAT team leader and the FBI lead are currently being screamed at by Rupert Mudcock who is beat red in his bloated face and absolutely livid.

Mudcock: I’m telling you they sprayed some sort of substance from the rafters! It’s converted all these weak-minded mountain hicks into mindless zombies! It’s like something out of a damned Stephen King novel damn it!

FBI Lead: Sir you can’t be serious…

SWAT Lead: Look all I know is we’ve got an angry mob here that wants us gone! I need to know if there is anyone that was left behind inside the arena that is in any danger or needs rescuing.

Mudcock: Every single one of my employees have been evacuated from the building! I wouldn’t be standing here otherwise!

SWAT Lead: Then I see no reason to enact violence upon this group. The last thing we need is a lawsuit for infringing upon religious freedom.

Mudcock: Are you people listening to me? This Summerroff individual is spreading some sort of mind hive disease! These people were normal fans just a few hours ago! Now they're worshiping some sort fantastical Blob creature instead of their lord savior Jesus Christ!

Suddenly a loud voice is heard from behind the converted residents of Mt. Vernon. They quickly make room and part ways for Dr. Summeroff who steps forward. He is wearing an ocean blue robe and his custom large thick-lensed spectacles. Behind him stand Abishag, Buzi, Abandon, and some of the others from the compound.

Dr. Summeroff: We only wish to worship our Gelatinous master in peace as you do with your false profit! It is our constitutional right as Americans! We mean no harm to any of you! Only to spread the word of the Blob and of his awesome power!

The FBI government official and the SWAT team leader look at each perplexed as Mudcock turns his attention to Summerroff and his group. It’s clear that the incident has rattled the multi-billionaire to his core.

Rupert Mudcock: There’s nothing peaceful about a brainwashing mind hive take over! You contaminated all these poor idiots with that nasty substance! I have it on tape! It was broadcasted across the world!

Dr. Summeroff: Hahaha! This was nothing more than a baptism for all of our new followers! They were reborn in the bath waters of the Blob! There was no contamination or chemicals that you speak of. If you don’t believe us then be our guests and collect whatever samples you deem necessary. However, I expect to see a warrant for your search before I allow you access to our new holy Church of the Blob!

FBI Lead: Ahh…yeah that won’t be necessary, I’ve seen enough here. No one has been hurt, everyone from M.O.X television team has been evacuated from the building, and these people are healthy and all seem like they want to be left alone. In the future Mr. Summeroff I suggest you reframe from spraying any substances from the rafters at any future public venues unless you want to be arrested. As for you Mr. Mudcock I suggest you get some rest you’re starting to look ill in your old age.

Dr. Summeroff: That’s Doctor Summeroff! Now get off my property! All of you!

Rupert Mudcock: You can’t be serious? These people need to be locked up! They’re a danger to society and themselves! They’re worshiping a floating turd in a canister for God's sake!

FBI Lead: I don’t care if worshiping the Easter Bunny, it’s not our problem unless they’ve caused harm to others or themselves and I see no evidence of that. Good day, Mr. Mudcock! ALL RIGHT PEOPLE LETS WRAP IT UP AND MOVE OUT! FALSE ALARM!

Rupert continues to shout and scream and the FBI and Police while they pack up their gear and leave the property. A sinister smile appears on Dr. Summeroff’s face as he watches them all leave the Tiny Lister memorial parking lot one vehicle at a time. Rupert walks up to DR. Summeroff and gets right in his face fearlessly in front of his staff and news crews.

Rupert Mudcock: If I so much as catch a glimpse of your crazy ass at one of my shows, I will have you beaten to a pulp, and hauled off to jail. Are we understood?

Doctor Summeroff: Ha! Will see about that you petulant, greedy, overgrown baby! Your kind’s era is coming to a close! The Blob punishes the greedy and selfish and you sir are both!

Summeroff turns around and then waves all his new followers into his newly founded place of worship leaving Rupert to deal with the media and Ultimate Wrestling staff.


Rupert was dressed in his ten thousand dollar business suit as he smoked a Cuban cigar while standing near the railing of his balcony luxury suite. The Caesars Palace arena in Las Vegas Nevada was the site of Ultra Slam, Rupert’s grand pay per view event, one week removed from the events that transpired at Friday Night Clash 4. His Vice President of Operations Robert Elitistios stood next to him with a worried look on his face and sweat-soaked armpits that had bled through his white dress shirt. Their focus on the massive amount of empty seats unfilled for Ultra Slam due to the public relations nightmare of the previous show.

Robert: Maybe more people will show up after the first match?

Rupert: Don’t be a fool, Robert! No one want’s to come to an event where they could be doused in mind-controlling whale shit! We’re lucky we have more than five thousand in attendance. This is a disaster! Rob Riot will ridicule me for weeks at the country club!

Robert: Sir this is going to put us tremendously in the red for this event. The venue alone costs…

Rupert: I know what the damn venue cost! I booked it! This is all Summeroff's and his damn Cult’s fault! We were finally gaining a following until he decided to bathe everyone in whale slop at our last show on international live television!

Robert: Perhaps running all those conspiratorial reports on MOX news all week was a poor decision, sir.

Rupert: The world needs to be informed about this Blob plague! I won’t compromise my News Media organization for this wrestling business of mine! I just do this for amusement! Besides, I want them outed for what they are! A dangerous cult spreading a diseased fallacy upon the world!

Robert: Yes sir… I understand you feel strongly about this… however, it would seem it’s had a negative effect financially for us.

Rupert: Don’t worry Robert. I plan to make Summeroff and his tribe of misfits to pay for this dearly. Mark my words the Cult of the Blob’s days are numbered.


The feed picks up live as “The Chemicals Between Us” by Bush starts to play inside the eighty percent empty Caesars Palace arena. The cameras stay focused on Chris Rogers and Scott Slade to try and minimize how much of the people at home can see of the empty seats behind them. Both announcers look extremely nervous as they wait for the pyrotechnics to fire and explode before speaking to the fans.

Chris Rodgers: Hello Ultimate Wrestling faithful and welcome to ULTRA SLAM!

Scott Slade: We’ve been waiting for this one all year and it’s finally here!

Chris Rodgers: We’ve got a hell of a card booked tonight! The Tag Team Titles and the Franchise Title are on the line!

Scott Slade: It’s been all over Squaker Chris. Everyone has been debating who will walk out of here tonight from our main event with the Ultimate Wrestling Franchise title. Will it be Takuma Sato or Valora Salinas?

Chris Rodgers: If you ask me Sato probably has the edge! Of course, before the main event will see that freak of nature Abishag and his partner Jeremiah Vastrix defend their Tag Team titles against Kronin and Davey O’Brien!

Scott Slade: I’m just happy that Dr. Summeroff and his cult have been barred from the arena. The last thing I want is another horrific shower of whatever that putrid crap was that they rained down on us at the Lister Arena last week.

Chris Rodgers: I’m telling you Scott this world is going to hell in a hand-basket. Let’s just thank God and Jesus that he spared us and that nothing bad happened to Mr. Mudcock.

Scott Slade: Right… okay, looks like we're ready for our first match of the evening! Abbigail Dresden makes her singles debut against Gabrielle Montgomery a newcomer to Ultimate Wrestling!

Chris Rodgers: A good old fashioned catfight! I can’t wait! Did you get a load of that Montgomery broad? I about creamed in my…

Scott Slade: SETTLE DOWN GRANDPA! You’re liable to get a heart attack with thoughts like those.


The cameras focus turns to an elaborate ancient Roman styled stage with fancy columns made of pure marble. Rupert Mudcock has spared no expense for this big event which has seemingly now gone to waste. “The Resistance” by Skillet starts to play on the speaker system as Abbigail Dresden walks out onto the themed stage to a sparse crowd who seem unimpressed by her. As she makes her way down the makeshift aisle to the ring, Rich Relando is waiting in the center of it to announce her to the fans in attendance.


Rich Relando: Making her way to the ring now! Weighing in at a hundred fifty-five pounds and standing at a height of five feet, nine inches! Hailing from the windy city, Chicago Illinois! ABBIGAIL DRESDEN!

Scott Slade: Abbigail took quite a beating from Abishag last week and I’m sure she is still incredibly sore after that massive back breaker she absorbed.

Chris Rodgers: I thought she was going to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair! I can’t believe she’s trying this again. At least this time she’s fighting another woman. It’s a fair fight.

Scott Slade: You’ve always got a take a shot at her don’t you?

Chris Rodgers: I just call them as I see it.

Abbigail climbs up the steel steps and enters the squared circle ready for the second match of her young career. The camera's attention once again turns to the stage as Abbigail’s music is cut off. “Hard” by Rihanna hits the sound system and “The Caramel Delight” Gabrielle Montgomery walks out onto the stage ready for her debut match. The tan-skinned knockout is dressed in hot pink wrestling gear and the male fans inside the Colosseum let out a series of catcalls and whistles giving her ego a much-needed boost as always.

Rich Relando: Her opponent! From Auckland, New Zealand! Weighing in at a hundred and thirty pounds and standing at a height of five feet seven inches! The Caramel Delight! Gabrielle Montgomery!


Chris Rodgers: Now that is one sexy woman! That and she knows her place is wrestling with other women! She’s not some mega beast female like Valora or this revolting Dresden creature. Someone needs to tell Abbigail to lay off the cheeseburgers!

** Scott Slade:** Mega beast?

Chris Rodgers: You heard me! She needs to look at Gabrielle as a role model. A hundred and thirty pounds is a respectable weight for a woman.

Scott Slade: You’re a disgusting human being. You know that right?

The two fighters meet in the center of the ring and referee Bob Sigro calls for the bell. The match officially starts and the two circle one another sizing each other up. The crowd seems overwhelming on the side of the sexy Gabrielle as they lock up in the center of the ring. Dresden quickly gains the advantage and begins pummeling the diva porn star with some serious forearms to the neck forcing her into the corner turnbuckle. Without warning, the sultry sexpot turns the tide flipping Abbigail into the corner and then unleashes a series of major blows straight to her face with a closed fist. The fans let out a roar as they cheer the slutty diva on.

Scott Slade: We’ve got a real war on our hands! These ladies are serious!

Gabrielle cocks back and nails Abbigail with a haymaker that sends her over the top rope and onto the floor. Dresden however lands on her feet and attempts to take a breather for a few moments. She then tries to get back in the ring, but Gabrielle hits her in the face with a baseball slide that sends her stumbling back onto her tight rear end on the cold concrete floor. Gabrielle now on the floor as well goes after Dresden, taking the attack to her not giving her a chance to recover.

Scott Slade: Impressive stuff from both of these young fighters.

Chris Rodgers: There is talk of possibly Ultimate Wrestling introducing a new title for wrestlers who have less than a year of experience. These two could be the top two to contenders for that title if Rupert Mudcock approves the proposal.

Scott Slade:I have to agree, but keep in mind Davey O’Brien has been a fierce competitor and he would qualify for that would be division.

Chris Rodgers: Well the fact that he’s a man would give him the advantage Scott. No doubt about that.

Scott Slade: It always comes back to that doesn’t it?

The two begin to brawl again as Dresden gets to her feet to meet her attacker. She gains the advantage and then grabs Gabrielle by her hair. She then pulls her into the ring post and slams her forehead off of it with extreme violence. She then quickly tosses the dazed porn star into the ring and then slides in after she shows no quarter. She pounces on her, locking Gabrielle into a headlock on the canvas, and squeezes tight with all her might. Gabrielle struggles up to her feet after a few moments with Dresden hanging onto her and delivers a series of elbows to her gut to force her to break the hold. She then sprints toward the ropes, bounces off of them, and nails Dresden with a dropkick that takes Abbigail off of her feet.

Scott Slade: Fantastic work from Gabrielle Montgomery!

Chris Rodgers: She’s a feisty one! I’ve watched all her films!

Scott Slade: I’m sure you have…

Gabrielle is quick to her feet and begins stomping on the young Dresden. She then picks her up by her hair and locks her in under her arm. She then snap-suplexes her and then holds it for a cover arching her back in the process. Referee Bob Sigro dives to the canvas and starts his count.

Scott Slade: Oh! Nice move!

Chris Rodgers: One! Two! Kickout Dresden!

Gabrielle gets back to her feet first and Dresden lags behind a few seconds still trying to catch her breath. The two lock up again and Gabrielle locks Dresden into a standing arm-bar. Gabrielle then forces Dresden down with one arm and hugs her left arm in-between her legs before wrapping her other arm around her own locking her into a strange-looking submission hold putting pressure on Abigail’s sore back. Dresden screams in pain as Gabrielle wrenches back and applies the pressure.

Scott Slade: A strange abdominal stretch submission hold here by Montgomery!

Chris Rodgers: That’s the sort of contortion you can only learn in an S&M dungeon!

Scott Slade: How the hell would you know that?

Chris Rodgers: My wife and I took an accidental tour at the San Francisco Armory when we were their 3 weeks ago! Let’s just say they don’t store weaponry there anymore! Hahahaaha!

Abbigail twists out of the submission using her abdominal muscles and grabs Gabrielle’s head and DDT’s her hard into the canvas causing the fans to start booing at her. Dresden ignores them and gets back up on her feet trying to build some momentum. Dresden scoops up Gabrielle and holds her for a few moments in her arms before flinging her back over her head for a powerful fall away slam. She then quickly covers Gabrielle for a pin much to the surprise of everyone.

Scott Slade: Devastating fall away slam! Cover! ONE! TWO! No! Kick out by Gabrielle Montgomery!

Chris Rodgers: What an opening match!

Dresden pulls Gabrielle up with her and they get to their feet simultaneously. She then tosses Gabrielle into the ropes. Gabrielle bounces off them and Dresden drops down to the mat. Gabrielle hops over her and bounces off of the ropes on the other side of the ring and is met with a devastating elbow from the young Chicago city native that takes the porn star off of her feet down on the mat. The fans continue to boo at Dresden as she stomps away on the head of Montgomery who is on the canvas holding her face in pain. She then picks up Gabrielle and tosses her into the ropes again, however this time Dresden is unable to catch Gabrielle who slides underneath in between her legs. When Dresden turns around Gabrielle is already on her feet and nails her in the face with a diving spinning wheel kick that takes Abbigail off of her feet and to the mat. The fans erupt and whistle for Gabrielle as she gets to her feet slowly and then gives the male fans what they want with a little shake of her rear end.

Chris Rodgers: Gabrielle is extremely agile and flexible! What a woman!

Scott Slade: A devastating kick by Montgomery!

Montgomery meets Dresden at the edge of the ring and begins nailing her with right-hand shots backing her up into the ropes. She then unleashes a series of knife-edge chops against her chest that echo throughout Caesars Palace. However, Abbigail turns the table by kicking Montgomery in the sternum and then tosses her back into the ropes and unleashes a few knife edge chops of her own. The last chop drops Gabrielle to the mat as she holds her chest and tries to catch her breath. Dresden picks her up, bounces her off the ropes, and sends her over to the other side of the ring. Montgomery bounces off the ropes and then gets demolished by Dresden who hits her with a devastating spear.

Scott Slade: Oh! What impact! Major whiplash! This could be it!

Chris Rodgers: ONE! TWO! KICK OUT! The sexiest woman in Ultimate Wrestling shows us all she’s got some guts!

Scott Slade: Incredible resilience!

Dresden gets to her feet and pulls Gabrielle up and then tosses her through the ring ropes and out of the ring onto the concrete floor. The fans boo as Dresden backs up and then runs at the ropes, leaping up over them with a suicide Swanton-bomb, but comes up empty as Montgomery rolls out of the way just at the last second. Dresden smacks the floor hard and the fans let out an “Ooh!” in response. Both competitor’s lye and floor breathing heavily clearly in a lot of pain.

Chris Rodgers: Dresden comes up way empty on that one!

Scott Slade: A risky move that didn’t pay off. Now, who is going to be the first one to their feet!

Gabrielle is the first to her feet and she picks up Dresden and tosses her into the steel steps knocking them out of place in the process. The fans let out a roar as Gabrielle turns her attention to the fans and starts to flirt with them. She blows kisses and then bends over to show off her tight tan rear end before going back on the hunt for Dresden who is lying on the floor holding her right shoulder in pain. Montgomery picks her up and tosses her into the ring and then hops up onto the ring apron. She then jumps up onto the top rope and springboards off of it and lands a massive splash on Dresden in the center of the ring.

Scott Slade: What a splash! ONE! TWO! No!

Chris Rodgers: Dresden won’t stay down! Someone needs to tell her she isn’t woman enough to win this match!

Montgomery pops up showing fantastic stamina and picks up Dresden and locks her head underneath her arm. She then signals to the fans before hitting a snap DDT that drives Abbigail’s skull in the ring mat. The fans roar as Montgomery covers Dresden for a pin.

Chris Rodgers: The 34 Double D! -DT! The sexiest move the business!

Scott Slade: Gabrielle with the cover! ONE! TWO! THREE! It’s over! Gabrielle Montgomery wins her first match here at Ultimate Wrestling!



Chris Rodgers: At Ultra Slam no less! Fantastic showing!

The male fans whistle and howl at Gabrielle as referee Bob Sigro holds her hand up in the air and points at her declaring her the winner of the match. Dresden lay’s on the mat unconscious as Montgomery begins to put on a show for all the men in the crowd scantily taking of wrestling gear like stripper turning them all on. Referee Bob Sigro has to stop her from completely going nude and yells at her to go back to the locker room much to the dismay of the male fans.

Chris Rodgers: What the hell is Sigro doing! Let her finish damn it!

Scott Slade: Fan’s we’ve got take a thirty-second break from our sponsor but when we come back the Tag Team Titles are on the line!


Backstage it’s clear that the attendance issue for Ultra Slam has gotten to Rupert Mudcock. The fat, old, decrepit billionaire marched into the men’s locker room with his Vice President Robert Elitistos and wasted no time barking orders and screaming at his wrestlers much to their surprise.

Rupert Mudcock: Dwight Couch! Baron Vendredi! Your match is canceled! I want your asses out on the strip handing out free tickets! In fact! That goes for everyone in this locker room that’s already wrestled tonight! I will not be embarrassed! I want at least five thousand more people in those seats out there before the main event! Don’t come back until you’ve given away all the tickets we give you! Do you understand me?

Its clear Vendredi and Couch are disappointed, but quickly realize protest would be ill-advised. Every wrestler in the locker room quickly grabs the tickets from Robert and head toward the exit doors. Rupert then turns around and stares at Robert unhappily.

Rupert Mudcock: What are you standing here for? I need you out there too! This is all hands on deck damn it!

Robert Elitistios: But I’m the Vice President…

Rupert Mudcock: You’re going to be the janitor if you don’t get out there! Now move it!

Robert quickly sprints out of the locker room and dashes after the wrestlers heading toward the exits. Rupert pulls out another cigar and lights it with his torch lighter and takes a puff. It’s clear he is more stressed at the perception of the public viewing his Ultimate Wrestling league as a failure than the financial loss he is about to take for Ultra Slam.


The live feed is picked back up by the cameras after the Buzz Beer commercial has finished. Rich Relando is back in the ring ready to announce the next match for the show. He is dressed as always in his white suit, red bow tie, and matching white fedora hat.

Rich Relando: Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Millions watching all over the world! The following match is for the Ultimate Wrestling Tag Team Titles! Making their way to the main stage now! The challengers! The European Connection! Davey Boy O’Brien and Kronin Reinhardt!



“Baker Street” by Gerry Rafferty starts to play on the sound system inside Caesars Palace and Davey O’Brien and Kronin walk out onto the stage with their hands raised in the air. The fans give them a nice pop as they stop on stage and interact with the fans. Suddenly Brother Abishag, Brother Buzi, Brother Abandon, and Jeremiah Vastrix run out with steel chairs from behind the stage curtain and unload on both Kronin and O’Brien who never see them coming. Both men take severe shots to the back of their skulls and fall to the marble floor of the Roman styled stage.



Scott Slade: What the hell!

Chris Rodgers: It’s a God damn ambush!

Scott Slade: The Cult of the Blob going on the attack and the match hasn’t even started yet!

Chris Rodgers: I don’t think they’re here to wrestle Scott! They want to take these two apart for what they did to Summeroff!

The fans immediately begin to boo as the Cult of the Blob continue to beat on both men with repeated chair shots. Suddenly Dr. Summeroff walks out onto the stage with his oceanic blue robe and a microphone in his hand and begins shouting at the cult members. His large spectacles magnifying his angry beady eyes focused upon his enemies who dared raise a hand to him.

Scott Slade: It’s Doctor Summeroff!

Chris Rodgers: What the hell is he doing here? He’s supposed to be barred from the arena! Rupert call the police!

DR. Summeroff:Get them up! They will pay for what they did to me! Lay your hands on me, will you! This will teach you to respect me and our gelatinous master!

Buzie with his strange life-like Lovecraftian Kraken mask grabs hold of Kronin and lifts him. Abandon does the same with Davey O’Brien as the fans continue to boo and chant “assholes”. Vastrix walks up to Kronin and cocks back his steel chair and unleashes a massive chair shot that busts open the side of Kronin’s forehead. Abishag does the same to O’Brien but hit’s him so hard that it bends the steel chair in the process. Blood gushes out both European’s foreheads staining the white marble floor and shocking the fans.

Scott Slade: This is a heinous attack by the Cult! Absolutely brazen!

Chris Rodgers: No! What are they doing now! Come on! They’ve had enough damn it!

Abishag and Vastrix toss their chairs aside and onto the floor. Dr. Summeroff then starts shouting for them to take out the trash pointing off the stage down to the floor beneath them about twelve feet. Brother Buzie and Brother Abandon take Kronin and O’Brien and fling them off the stage onto the floor below them with no remorse or hesitation. Both fighters hit the floor with a sickening thud and lay motionless on the floor. The fans begin throwing garbage at the Cult on stage, but they just smile sadistically at them all while they do it.

Chris Rodgers: Good God all mighty! They’ve broken Davey O’Brien and Kronin in half! They’ll never be the same again!

Scott Slade: This is sickening!


Summeroff is about to turn around when a police task force sprints onto the stage and tackles him to the floor. Suddenly an all-out war breaks out between the police, Caesars Palace security, and the Cult of the Blob members. At first, Abishag and Buzi can hold their own against the authoritarian brigade, however, they are soon dealt with by the use of taser’s and nightsticks.

Chris Rodgers: It’s about time the boys and blue did something about these freaks! Haul their asses to JAIL!

Scott Slade: We need EMT’s! I still haven’t seen any movement from Kronin or O’Brien!

The police handcuff the Cult Members including Jeremiah and begin to escort them off of the stage toward the backstage area. EMT’s and Ultimate Wrestling medical staff rush out onto the stage and head down the ramp before rounding the corner to where Kronin and O’Brien are lying on the floor with their faces covered in blood. They quickly begin working on stopping the bleeding and placing them in neck brace's before loading them up on stretchers.




Scott Slade: Fans I apologize I’m being told we have to cut for a commercial break and will be back with a medical update on the condition of these two men. Thank God the medical staff has gotten to them as quickly as they possibly could. They’re in good hands now.

Chris Rodgers: I hope Rupert fines and suspends those freaks!


The live feed returns with a top side down camera angle focused on a fifteen-foot ladder in the center of the ring. As the camera cuts away we see that more fans have arrived to view the main event thanks to efforts by M.O.X employees and U.O.W wrestlers giving away tickets on the Las Vegas strip. There is some serious buzz inside Caesars Palace as many have been looking forward to the Sato versus Valora showdown for over a month since its official announcement.

Scott Slade: Hello Ultimate Wrestling fans we are back. We are hearing word that Kronin and O’Brien have been stabilized, but are suffering from severe concussions, and may have suffered some internal injuries from their fall from the stage.

Chris Rodgers: Ahh! They’ll be fine! They’re going to rub some dirt on it and they’ll be ready for Friday Night Clash Five!

Scott Slade: I hope so Chris. That was a savage beating. I’m not as confident as you are.

Chris Rodgers: Looks like Rich Relando has stepped into the ring and is ready to announce the start of the main event ladder match! Let’s quite down and let the man kick this anticipated fight off for us!

Rich Relando: Ladies and Gentlemen! ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE? Then for the thousands in attendance and the millions watching across the world! LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE! Tonight’s main event is a ladder match and is for the ULTIMATE! WRESTLING! FRANCHISE CHAMPIONSHIP! Making his way to the stage first!

“Something to Believe in” by OffSpring hits the sound system and Takuma Sato walks out onto the stage to a large ovation from the fans. Sato looks very tan and dusty from his time spent out in the desert preparing for his match against Valora. He hasn’t even bothered to shower after arriving at the arena. All his focus has been for this one moment and now it has arrived.


Rich Relando:The challenger! From Detroit Michigan! Weighing in at hundred 195 pounds and standing at five feet, nine inches! HE IS THE MASTER OF HEART PUNCH! TAKUMA SATO!

Sato makes his way down the ramp and through the aisle slapping high fives with the fans along his way. He then slides into the ring before making his way over to the ladder and inspecting it for a few moments. When his music stops, he takes off the top part of his Karategi exposing his muscular chest and abs to the crowd. A few women in the front row whistle and cheer at the sight of the Sato’s physical prowess.

Scott Slade: Sato looks ready. I talked to Rose Johnston and he’s got a lot riding on this match. His mother is in desperate need of money and a win here could solve all of their financial issues.

Chris Rodgers: Damn immigrants living beyond their means! They need to learn some American values and learn to budget responsibly.

Scott Slade: Unbelievable… Do you ever listen to yourself?

Chris Rodgers: What?

“Bring It” by Trapt starts to play and the noise level goes up a notch as Valora walks out to a mixed reaction from the fans. Around her waist is the Franchise Championship title belt. She is sporting a black and white bandana around her head and is dressed in her old school black and white wrestling gear from her independent wrestling days before her time at New Edge Wrestling.


Rich Relando: Making her way down the aisle from Los Angeles California! Weighing at a hundred and fifty-five pounds and standing at a height of five feet, nine inches! She is the perennial ALL PRO! YOUR ULTIMATE WRESTLING FRANCHISE CHAMPION! VALORA SALINAS!

Valora makes her way up the steel steps and enters the ring before taking off the Franchise title belt from around her waist and handing it over to the referee. Bob Sigro attaches the title belt to a latch hook and the belt is raised a few feet above the ladder in the center of the ring. Valora makes her way over to Takuma and extends her hand in a show of good sportsmanship. Sato accepts it and two shake hands. The fans in the arena begin to stomp and clap, urging the fighters to get it on. It’s very clear they are ready for the epic battle to start. The atmosphere is electric as the two wrestlers begin to circle each other around the ladder. Bob Sigro signals for the bell and as soon as it is rung, Sato standing side kick’s the ladder into Valora causing it to hit her in the face. Valora ends up against the ropes and ladder collapses onto the mat and against the ropes near the corner turnbuckle. Valora is shaken by the impact suffered.

Scott Slade: What a start to this fight! We were deprived of this match at Friday Night Clash 3, but tonight we are going to get to see which one of these athletes is the best!

Chris Rodgers: Sato wants this bad! He needs the money bad! He isn’t taking any prisoners tonight! This is the whole reason he’s here in the first place. He fights for his family! Not for fame or glory!

Sato is on Valora straight away and he attacks her with an uncharacteristic clothesline that sends the champ up over the top rope and onto the floor. As Valora is getting back up onto her feet, Sato leaps up onto the top rope, springboards off of it, and nails Valora with a flying spinning heel kick to the face. Valora falls hard on her back on the floor and Sato lands on his feet but stumbles on the landing, and his momentum sends him into the steel guard railing shoulder first.

Scott Slade: Oh my God! I never have seen anything like that before!

Chris Rodgers: It’s like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon out here! Sato is on fire!

Sato pulls himself up by the guard railing, grabs Valora as she’s getting to her feet, and tosses her back into the ring. He then leaps up onto the ring canvas and uses the ropes to fling himself up into the ring and lands on his feet impressively. Valora gets to her feet just in time and sees Sato coming at her with a right cross. Valora blocks the punch and then locks Sato into a grapple. She then manages to pull the martial artist into a headlock and then grabs his right arm moving it around his back, bending it back into an arm-bar submission. However, Sato, quick as lightning, reverses it and applies the pressure on Valora. Salinas instinctively bends over and grabs hold of Sato’s right foot with her free hand and pulls his left foot out from under him dropping him to the mat. Valora then moves toward the ropes, bounces off of them, grabs hold of Sato as he’s getting up and hip tosses him hard into the mat.

Scott Slade: What a move from Salinas!

Chris Rodgers: She knows if she’s going to win this fight she’s got to use her strength as a wrestler and not a brawler! Getting into a street fight with a trained martial artist is a bad idea! Taking the fight to the mat and wrestling him is how she’s going to win this thing.

Scott Slade: Your right Chris, but that takes away one of Valora’s biggest strengths.

Chris Rodgers: She’ll probably lose! It’s her time. It’s time a man carried that title.

Sato gets back up on his feet fast, but Valora is a little faster, she grabs hold of his head and neck and hits a swinging neck breaker that takes Sato back to the mat hard. The women in the stadium erupt and begin chanting “Peoples Champ” as most of the male fans boo and scream for Sato to get back up. Salinas is quick to get back up and runs to the corner and hops up onto the turnbuckle before silencing the male fans in the crowd by hitting a reverse springboard splash on Takuma just as he is getting back to his feet crushing him to the mat once again.

Scott Slade: What a move by Valora Salinas!

Chris Rodgers: No!

Scott Slade: She’s setting up the ladder!

Valora picks up the ladder and sets it up in the center of the ring. She then begins to climb up it toward her Franchise title hanging above it. The fans start to roar as Valora nears the top of the ladder, but Sato shakes off the cobwebs and spots Valora closing in on the belt. He instinctively kicks the foot of the ladder hard while on the mat which causes it to fall over with Salinas at the top. Valora goes for a nasty ride as the ladder bounces off of the ring ropes and sends her crashing to the floor hard on her side with a thud. The fans let out an “Ohh” and begin chanting “Holy Shit” as Valora squirms on the floor in pain. Sato gets back to his feet and slides out of the ring and begins stomping on Valora who still is on the floor.

Chris Rodgers: Sato is relentless! I love it! He has the killer instinct to become champion tonight!

Scott Slade: It might be exactly what he needs to beat someone like Valora.

Chris Rodgers: What a match! No rules! No disqualification! The only way to win is to climb the ladder and grab hold of the most coveted title belt in all of wrestling!

Sato picks up Valora, grabs her, and reverse Ipponseoi slams her on the floor with a thundering crack as her backside smacks the floor. The fans let out another emotional “Oooh” as many of Valora’s fans begin to look worried. Valora rolls over by the steel steps and then stops moving while breathing very hard trying to catch her breath. Sato takes advantage of the opportunity and runs toward the guard railing, jumps up onto it into the air, and then cocks back his fist attempting to hit his Iron Fist heart punch on Valora. The fans grow silent until Valora grabs the steel steps and uses them to block Sato’s punch at the last possible second. Sato's first crushes into the solid steel steps and a loud “Crack” is heard along with an insane amount of metal reverberation that echo’s throughout the arena. Sato lets out a horrendous scream as he pulls his back his arm revealing a limp and broken hand and wrist.

Chris Rodgers: Good God!

Scott Slade: Oh man! I think I’m going to throw up!

Chris Rodgers: That is a clear fracture! Valora escapes the clutches of defeat again! This Mexican will do anything to win people!

Scott Slade: I’m not sure if Sato is going to be able to continue. He has to be in horrible pain right now.

Valora sees her opportunity and does not hesitate to take advantage of her window opportunity. She gets to her feet and sprints at Sato who is still standing holding his right hand by the wrist with his left hand starring at his limb. Valora nails him with a spear and follows it up with some side knee shots to Sato's rib cage. Valora’s fans roar as she punishes her injured opponent leaving him on the floor in serious pain. She then gets to her feet and stomps on Sato’s injured wrist and hand which causes Sato to spaz out and scream in horrible pain while writhing all over the floor.

Chris Rodgers: Look at her! She’s a God damn animal! No remorse for an injured opponent!

Scott Slade: Sato is in serious trouble! This might be the last time we see him in the ring for quite some time.

Valora makes her way over to the bellman, pushes him over, and picks up the steel chair he was sitting on. She then folds it up and makes her way back over to Sato. She then uses the edge of the chair and slams it down on Sato's injured wrist. Sato’s body contorts violently again from the pain and Valora unleashes a few more chair shots on his backside. She then tosses the steel chair aside and picks him up before throwing Sato up over her shoulder. Valora carries the martial artist over to the announcer table where Chris and Scott are and then Oklahoma Slams Sato through the table forcing Scott and Chris to dive out the way. The fans roar and begin chanting “holy shit” again as Valora rolls off of Sato in the rubble of the table.

Chris Rodgers: What the fuck was she thinking! She almost crippled me!

Scott Slade: Valora has snapped! She has unleashed all of her hell and fury on Sato!

Chris Rodgers: Sato looks broken in half!

Valora gets up out the rubble and dives into the ring as the intensity of the fans begins to grow in anticipation. Valora picks up the ladder off of the ring mat and sets it up underneath her franchise title belt. Valora begins to ascend the ladder rung by rung as Sato lays in the announcer table rubble. Sato suddenly seems to come to life and begins to move. He suddenly sits up to see Valora midway up the ladder. Sato fights to his feet, holding his limp right hand, and makes his way over to the ring before rolling inside of it. Sato gets to his feet just as Valora reaches the top of the ladder and the fans are in a fever pitch. Takuma bounces off of the ropes and zero fighter kicks the ladder sending Valora for another ridiculous bump as she comes crashing backward this time slamming into the ring canvas on her backside. The ladder ends up slumped against the right side of the ring as both fighters lay on the mat breathing heavily.

Scott Slade: Ladies and gentlemen, I have to be honest, I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life! These two are pulling out all the stops! They are giving this all they got! Neither one of them wants to go home the loser without that Ultimate Wrestling Franchise Championship Title around them!

Sato is the first to get up off the mat using his good hand and Valora shortly follows only to turn around and get whacked hard on the chin with a superkick from Sato that drops her hard on the mat. The Valora collective lets out an agonizing groan as the Sato fans let out a roar. The divide among the fans seems separated down the middle and neither wrestlers seem to be drawing any energy from the crowd. Sato stumbles over to the ladder and attempts to try to lift it back up with his good hand. After struggling for a good two minutes he’s able to get the ladder on its feet, but it's way off center from where the belt is hanging down from the rafters.

Scott Slade: Sato is at a huge disadvantage with the broken hand!

Chris Rodgers: He needs to move the ladder more to the center of the ring! What the hell is he doing!

Scott Slade: I have no idea Chris!

Sato slowly climbs up the steps of the ladder and then stands on top of it bracing himself for a crazy jump. He then leaps from the ladder and attempts to grab the title, but he is off by a good foot, and only his broken hand touches the title and isn’t strong enough to pull it free from the latch.

Chris Rodgers: No!

Sato crashes back down to the ring mat, but lands on his feet just in time to receive a stiff superkick from Valora as payback. The fans in the arena erupt as Sato collapses unconscious on the ring mat a beaten mess. Valora quickly grabs the ladder and pulls it to the center of the ring. She then begins to ascend to the top as her fans rally behind her cheering her on.

Scott Slade: Sato is out cold! I think Valora is going to retain the Franchise Title!

Chris Rodgers: No! No! No!




“Bring It” by Trapt begins to play from the speaker system inside Caesars Palace as Valora climbs down midway and jumps down from the ladder. Sato is still out as a medical staff and EMT’s rush out from backstage to attend to him. Valora slides out of the ring with a belt and then jumps into a crowd of her fans in the first row and begins celebrating with them.

Scott Slade: Fans Valora Salinas has now defended her title three straight times! Only time will tell how long her reign as champion will last but as of right now she is “THE” woman of wrestling!

Chris Rodgers: It’s like a nightmare I can never wake up from!

Scott Slade: Ladies and gentlemen toon next week for Friday Night Clash! We’re out time! See you in one week!


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Not a fan of wrestling..creative post

I actually don't watch wrestling anymore. Not since 2000. I like the art form but the WWE has ruined it. I do this as a creative writing outlet and to give other people a way to be creative. We all liked wrestling at one point but most of us don't watch it anymore. This is more like a comic book world based on wrestling. Anyway I'm glad you liked my post. Thank you for the nice comments.

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Outstanding post and narrative. Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you. This was a difficult show for me to write due to getting sick and real life responsibilities. Hope you all enjoyed it! Feed back is welcome!

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