The Rise and Fall of Yellow Things | 50 Word Story

in fiction •  7 months ago

Surrounded by guards, the parent-murdering despot gave a jolly smile.
So close, but too far to reach. Especially for a boy.
If he did hit him, he’d be captured. Jailed. Killed.
The boy looked for something to throw. He weighed a lemon in his hand.
It was worth the risk.

This is my entry for @jayna's super fun 50 Word Story Challenge. The prompt this week was "lemon." I guess the message (if there is one) is that when life sends you lemons, throw them.


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Good story, @thinknzombie! Great job pulling together an intense setting, as well as characters and a story arc. Well done. And I like the spunk of this kid in the face of enormous odds against him.

That child sounds like my youngest. Hopefully without the parent murdering part XD