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Oh jeez what's gonna happen to Maddie and Stanley??? You got a part 3 yet?

Edit: Found it!

good post. can make me and all readers interested and follow you .. really be an example in writing .. i like your post .. thanks for sharing ...

Do you paint too? I mean that image.. :)
Anyways, Will be waiting for the next part.


The image is a digital composite. I did a lot of work on it in Photoshop, but the entire thing is made up of parts of different photographs. The background is a fairground, the orangutan is part of an image from Pixabay. The paint is thanks to the AI at I have painted, but I'm not this good. ;-)

That orang Utan image is wowzer, bravo 👍👍

Can't wait for the next story

Aha, found part 2 is posted already! This is a great setup. Accidental kidnappings and misunderstandings already in play!

amazing poem,and it has always been good on discord..happy new year @thinknzombie