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Nicely done Rose! I really enjoyed having the opportunity to work with you on this piece. I love how you restructured things to not only gain more accuracy but also capture more impact and symbolism with the dream sequence. Great job capturing a major, emotional transition in the character's arc. 👏


Thank you! I really appreciate your knowledge and willingness to impart that knowledge! Your input was invaluable :)

Great work on this! I've liked seeing this one evolve. The arc technique definitely has some value, doesn't it?


It definitely helped! Thank you!

So touching. I had shivers down my spine... beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it with us!

A sad but very good story. I enjoyed reading it.

Love this so much, Rose. The turmoil and finally relief is shown so well.

Great job here, and a great read. Very sad and touching and realistic :(

This is a beautiful story, @therosepatch. You did such a nice job of exploring the protagonist's grief, and telling a very compelling tale. While it's impossible to have a truly happy ending in a story like this, seeing the character begin to find his footing again after tragedy makes it very a very rewarding read.


Thank you so much, @jayna! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it. The whole time I was writing it my heart broke and I just wanted to step in and give Robert a hug and make all his problems go away, which is part of why I made his arc the way I did. I wanted him to find his footing again, and find a way to live beyond the grief. It needed to happen, if only for my own broken heart. It's amazing how much we can feel for our own characters, even in a short flash story, isn't it?


Yes, it really is, especially when they are sympathetic characters. I’ve been writing a character for a Write Club story that is kind of at the opposite end of the spectrum, which I’ve discovered is super challenging. I’d rather write characters I do want to hug, even if I have to feel their pain. ❤️

Very touching. You cover a big story in a small space. I look forward to reading more.