Diary of a Serial Killer: Entry 2

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Warning: Contains Explicit Content

Sarah, tonight our journey will begin.

I’ve been following your movements for nearly two weeks. The predictability is unprecedented. You and your boyfriend have walked past me time and time again without as much as a second glance... your lack of awareness astounds me. Hmmm, perhaps it is part of this small town syndrome. Well, he should be more aware though but then again, he is just as shallow and empty as the rest of them. It makes me sick!

You just don’t understand. Men don’t care. They don’t understand love. All men want is to use women for their own satisfaction. Yet you believe this boyfriend of yours loves you. That he is somehow different to the other men you’ve had in your life. No Sarah, you are wrong.

I saw how you were crying because of some stupid fight you had with your boyfriend about what color to paint a room. Those stupid little fights you two have. It annoys the shit out of me! Can’t you see the truth? He doesn’t care. He just looks at you with lust in his eyes. You’re just a toy to him. Nothing more!

Don’t worry Sarah, I’ll show you the light. You will eventually see the truth but in order for you to truly understand you will have to feel true pain. Not this shit you believe is real. Those stupid little fights you have aren’t real. When he whispers in your ear, “I love you”, that isn’t real. I will teach you the reality and you will finally understand.

Tonight you will see just how useless these men are. You think they’re there to protect you but they are nothing. Useless, absolutely useless! We’ll watch the truth together. Just you and I Sarah….

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Thanks for reading and let me know if you enjoy horror stories?

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Sounds like absolute bedlam is about to break out!

Keep going with this man! I would like to see where you lead this on to...


Thanks man! Yeah, I've started with the next entry however this week has been crazy... I don't have it all planned out yet so kinda winging it as I go along. The next one should be a good one though.


Fantastic! Do it!