Tough Candy: Game of Glass and Mirrors: Chapter #2

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It was almost pitch black being a night before the new moon. Gandhi headed up near where a cobbled stone walkway winded it's way up to the guest house of the main Mansion when he heard the familiar sound of a Master Players unmistakable ringing sound through the air. Suraya looked around, alarmed by the unseen Sound that rang through her mind. Abandon Ship whispered Gandhi grabbing Suraya''s hand as he did a u-turn biting the end of his covered index finger as he slipped off his glove.

"What are you doing?" Suraya said with a confused look. That was a Master Player you just heard, that means to abandon the mission, "What?" Did you not listen? When a Master reveals their sound, we turn around and go home.* "Seriously?" Pulling her hand out of his grasp. "That sounds like a really mystically inappropriate thing to say right about now! What about those poor kids in that freak house?" Suraya getting more agitated as she continued, "I've been preparing for this for 3 months! I will get those children out and you're not going to stop me." She started walking toward her objective with a rebellious determination. Suraya listen! You've been preparing for this your whole life for something much grander than this myopic view of... before he could finsh she turned and faced him.

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"Ive hesitated in moments before because I believed a lie... about myself! If this a test, it's a test of courage, And I am not scared of anything, now get out of my way!"

What if it's a test of Temperance and patience! Shouting under his breath. Did'nt you draw the Knight of Swords this morning? Was it right side up or upside down? Gandhi words trailed away, so did she. Ok....Miss impetuious you will find out you can't write your own script, not in this level of the Game. Suraya stopped in mid stride when one of the guards spotted her. Suraya, we've been comprised! We have to get out now! Ghandi repeating himself with a dry plead.

The guard started withdrawing his pistol and ran toward Suraya, fumbling with his headset trying to warn of their intrusion. It was too late, Suraya bolted up the front lawn of the Mansion reaching full speed when she saw one of the children with big beautiful eyes starring at her with a haunting abandoned grief, behind the front giant window of the residence, now with her little hands against the thick glass. Surya heard the first blast of a pistol, quickly looking behind and saw Gandhi immobilizing the threat, bringing the guard down without incident, but the guard's gun did go off.

Suraya with all her might, will, and tenacity charged closer wondering how she could get to the child without the glass cutting the girl knowing now there was no time to go through the front door. She came face to face with the little one in the window, putting her palms on the pressed hands on the otherside. In that brief instant of a helpless feeling...time stood still. She scanned the child's face...regeconizing... what...who?

In seeming slow motion, a hail of bullets came through the other side of the window shattering the image of the little girl into a billion pieces...then just pure light.


Suraya awoke with a scream. "Where am I now?!?"

You are safe Suraya, you had to be pulled from your mission. Surya looking up from a comfortable antique bed with a kind beautifully featured woman with long grey and white curls looking down with empathic eyes. We have been watching what you've been creating in your dream world, and it's not what you been creating, it's why.

"What about the little girl and the children, are they safe? Did I leave them??"
Surya said, grabbing hold of the older woman's hand for reassurance. They are as safe as you are now. Gently stroking Suraya''s forehead. But my darling your rage is dangerous, albeit justified... to yourself, there are some core lessons you might need to learn before you go on another mission. You denied the safety of your partner in the fear of not saving the children?
Suraya allowed herself to listen to this kind Sprirt of a woman.

Emotions can be a bit tricky in that kind of Dream Game you put together for yourself many have deluded themselves into thinking that world is real. It's like quicksand, the more you resist, the faster you sink below the Memory Line. You almost got there this time. But all is good here. Even though a perceptional mistake was made, your reward will be noted, for your willing courage to save a life.

We just would like to know when you're going to deem yourself worthy of saving...better yet loving your Self? the wise woman said with a wink... Now close your eyes and touch your toes together 3 times and just rest ...we will surely chat again. the wise woman began to withdraw fading into a seeming stream of frequencies. "Wait...Tell me your name?"......were Suraya's last words before...


Suraya! Time to get up Jessie said with a motivating tone... Guess who is's a frigging miracle!!...Suraya opened her eyes to see her daughter standing at the end of the sheet covered couch where she had been sleeping. Mommy!..Jesusie said you've been asleep for 3 days... "That's right girl" Jesusie piping in, "you've been tossing and turning, yelling, and this time I caught you sleep walking outside, trying to bust through the front window!"

Surya now coming to, seeing her Daughter she hasn't seen in over a year, holding an envelope, a smile and behind Kindred, a shattered front window with broken glass all over the living room. "I had to stop the cops from taking you in...until I told them you were sleepwalking, but forget about that, look what came in the mail!...and don't get mad at me..I had to open it, who knows how long you'd be Dreaming this time out." Suraya realizing she was in her apartment grabbed and hugged Kindred sobbing deeply.

"Don't cry yet", Jesusie quipped, You just got a check for $27,000! And I've been house hunting and found this crazy palatial old
house, the size of a Mansion outside of town, it's a rent to own!
Suraya now rubbing her sleep filled eyes and in utter amazement. It's time to move on up to the east side, to our deluxe Old mansion in the Sky!
Now, would you like some green tea?

Stay tuned in for Tough Candy
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