The Machine (Simulations, Pilot Chapter)

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The smell of burnt rubber stung in Finn’s nose, prompting him to jump up and run across the room.

“Fuck. Fuck!” He flipped one of the switches on the whirring machine sitting on one of the tables. The whirring stopped, but the smell persisted. Carefully, Finn lifted the cover off to look at the wiring. To his relief, nothing was burning. Instead, one of the wires had melted through its isolation, but he had caught it early enough, so there wasn’t any irreversible damage.

“Should have asked one of the engineers for help”, he mumbled. But no, the engineers would just have laughed at him and his theories. They had done so before, and there was no reason to believe it would have been different this time. Still, it was moments like this when he wished he had taken more than just one additional class in electrical engineering and at least several more in computer science. A Ph.D. in mathematics just wasn’t sufficient to test his theories, not without hours upon hours of extra work, trying to figure out how to implement his formulas. @suesa

Finn cut the power to the machine and started replacing the cable. It was the one that provided energy to the console.

“Little fucker”, Finn said, finished his repairs and closed his machine again. The metal box was sitting there. Still. Lifeless. He turned the power back on.

”Hello, Finn.” The pre-programmed bootup message greeted him from the console display.

“Hello to you too.” There was almost no delay between him saying that, and the voice recognition picking it up. He had ‘borrowed’ that technology from the computer science department. They just didn’t know he had.

”Please input your formula.” The machine requested.

“Input formula testing formula one”, Finn said, watching the machine closely. The display lit up in a green light, indicating it had understood the command and was now accessing one of the formulas Finn had embedded into its code. The calculations that followed were accompanied by a soft buzzing that blended in with the whirring the machine produced in its idle state.

Nothing happened.

After five minutes, nothing happened.

Finn sighed. The machine was still calculating, but it didn’t look like she would come to any successful result any time soon – or ever. It was not like Finn had expected it to work. It hadn’t worked a single time in the past. Sure, he had been refining the formulas he had used to program the machine, had corrected mistakes in the algorithm, and chased bugs in the code. His work very likely still wasn’t perfect yet, and to prove his theory, everything had to be absolutely, 100% perfect. Any mistake would immediately ruin everything.

“Back to the drawing board, I guess.”

But as he moved his hand to flick the switch that’d interrupt the machine’s current work cycle, the display changed its color to blue, and the buzzing stopped.

”Calculation successful. Do you want to implement the results?”

The sound of his heartbeat hammered in his ears. His hands were shaking, and his mouth suddenly felt as dry as parchment paper.

This couldn’t be correct. It couldn’t have worked. It had just been a theory. A silly theory. Sure, he had put years of work into it but … it was still just a theory.

Blue light seemed to seep out of the whole machine. Finn knew it was just his imagination playing tricks on him, that it was a hallucination induced by the sheer shock of what the machine finding a solution.

He swallowed.

Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe the machine just assumed it had completed the calculation successfully, and it actually hadn’t. It was still just a machine, a program. He had to test it to confirm if it had really worked.

Finn reached for his backpack and pulled out the apple he had brought as an afternoon snack. It was yellow, with tiny black spots and some dents. Finn wasn’t sure why he spent so much time thinking about the details of this apple, but his brain seemed to focus on the least important facts.

He put the apple down in a circle next to the machine.

“The object has been placed in the target area.” His voice sounded strange. “Implement the results for formula one.”

Louder than before, the buzzing returned. The few fragments of a second during which nothing of significance happened felt like forever to Finn. Pearls of sweat were running down his back.

The apple rose from the desk and stopped to levitate fifteen centimeters above it.

Exactly as intended by the formula.

“This can’t be”, Finn whispered. “This is impossible.” No, it wasn’t impossible. He saw it with his own eyes! It obviously was possible. It confirmed his theory and opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

“It’s a simulation. It’s all a simulation.” For decades, Finn had been leaning towards the idea that the whole universe was just a simulation, running on some kind of cosmic computer. People had agreed with him, on a philosophical level, but never enough to help him.

“You could never prove it”, they had told him, and left. Obviously, they had been wrong.

Finn’s theory had been that, if the universe were a simulation, the only constant would be math. Everything could be traced back to math, especially the rules of physics. But that also had to mean that the right formula, fed back into the simulation, should make it possible to change the rules of physics – like gravity.

And now, during all his panicked confusion, the apple had stayed above the desk, exactly 15 centimeters. Exactly as he had instructed the machine.

“I was right.” A grin started spreading across his face. “I was right all the time! Nobel Prize, here I come!” Finn could already see it before his eyes. The headlines!

Genius mathematician solves the mystery of the Universe and makes the impossible possible!

God proven to be just part of the programming, theists around the world panic.

Meaning of life revealed to be …

Finn hesitated. Why. Why was it a simulation? Who had made this simulation? Who was controlling it?

Now, the floating apple seemed to mock him.

“You haven’t figured out anything”, it seemed to say. “You’re barely scratching the surface. You’re pathetic.”

“End program”, Finn instructed the machine, and the apple fell back onto the table, from where Finn picked it up. There were more things to do before he could show his findings to the public, more calculations to be done.

He had to find out who ran the simulation.

Liked this story? Let me know, so I can continue it!

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Woah, that story is really interesting!

I'm curious how calculating a formula allows him to change the simulation? Did he do some rowhammer like stuff to get simulation privilegue escalation? Or is the simulation so bad that he could just execute random code with his machine? I want details!

Also curious on how it affects him and others once they know it is a simulation. And who is behind it?

Many questions that urge you to write more :)

I'll be boosting this pilot so that more people can see it, well done! :)


Are you throwing money at me so that I continue writing? :'D

Please wait a few hours so people have a chance to chime in for curation rewards!


This is the kind of content that vote bots should be spent to.🤘


Exactly what I thought! This is a worthy trending post 😊


That is the goal!

That you can continue writing and that people find it in this sea of information ^^


Btw all the time reading I was waiting for the plot twist of him having created a general AI that will kill all humans because he made some form of mistake. I was pleasantly surprised when that did not happen ;)


That've been boring

I would be glad if there would be a sequel to this. :)
Also I think if I were Finn besides being shocked from this research results I would just try to calm down and publish the knowledge he has just acquired. (Proven actually) He could follow up with other researches, just already with a Nobel and some big investors by his side.
Of course Finn is not like me and this is your story, so I am really looking forward to see what happens, and how further mysteries will be revealed.

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Glad you liked it!

Well, Finn did originally consider publishing his research, but what would be the implications? I guess we will see!

I hope he doesn't find out it all was just a dream

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That's not my style of story telling :D it's more likely that everybody dies.

Another great story, I really enjoyed reading it.

...probably not far from the truth about the nature of existence :)


Well, I do lean towards the theory that our universe is a simulation... I haven't been able to prove it mathematically so far tho!

The pilot shows the story has great potential. Would love to see it continued, of course!


Seems like you're not the only one :D

Gotta Find Out Who RAN The SIMULATIONS .
Well written.

"Calculation successful. Do you want to implement the results"
After this moment what felling described by you "Awesome"
Finn act like legend hence he got success
Story maybe long but too inspiring

What a very nice story ♥
I would love it to be CONTINUED !

Really interesting story. Waiting to see if you will make it into science fiction or Fantasy-type.
If you are planning for a science-fiction type, it would be nice to add more details.


Scifi is my way to go in this case

Is this is part of any novel??


Not yet. But as people seem to like my story, there will be more chapters to come!

Hi. @suesa. very good. But the idea that mathematics controls in the universe is not new. I hope this is just chapter one. and follow more .....


Well, it's almost impossible to come up with something 100% new, isn't it?

It would be crazy if man could try things like that in real life, because it would be very controversial for the most powerful sectors of the world, religion, science and economics.

Hehe! This scientist reminds me of my younger brother, he is not a scientist, but in recent years he became interested in electronics and has done many personal and domestic projects. He is actually a plastic artist, but plans to study electronics at the university.

And as this character, as is my brother, insists on discovering the secrets of all the theories and concepts of electronics and physics that he reads.


Why didn't he just type "sudo levitate apple?"

And now he has a dented apple for lunch? The humanity!

Love the "reality is a simulation" premise. You're giving PK Dick a run for his money. Can't wait to see where you go with this.

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He's a mathematician, do you really think he'd think of that?

Tbh, he deserves a dented apple for picking a yellow one !

Glad you're enjoying it so far :D


Well, I mean if he were working on a linux or a unix computer... I mean, he knew how to borrow code from the other department right. ;-)

God, a part of the simulation, or the creator of the simulation?


That's to be determined


As a part of this series? :o


I'd say enough people appear to be interested in me continuing it


there's the detail. as the comedian would say. If it is God who does the simulation? who simulates God?


Meta-God of course!

I like your writing style. I particularly enjoyed the bit about the excessive focus on the apple. Really gave the character some depth.


Thank you 💚
Following some advice, I'm trying to do "deeper" storytelling than I'm used to, with more focus on the protagonist's experiences.

Really interesting to read of in this post

interesante la historia, quisiera saber mas

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The suspense is Real :D
I wonder if people will believe him this time or will they assume it as a magic trick :D

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Nice story, waiting for the sequel!

güzel olmus okudum emegine saglık devamını bekliyoruz hoscakal

Gran historia gracias por compartirla

hi @suesa Its Really interesting story

Do you know something about the aviation? I'm Air traffic controller


I know absolutely zero about aviation. Luckily, that's absolutely irrelevant for my story!

would like to had a chat with you, you are on discord? (: find incredible your work here and can sound crazy but i believe that reality it's in a certain way that, data.


I am, Suesa#4095

Hi steem guys.. How u all?

awesome story i want to study more about the yopic post more and more such a interesting concept and logic

If his simulation is working, That means he can simply change his future / Outcome of anything he wants ?
" Noble Prize Winner = Finn " :D

Muy buen producto!

I wrote a small Story :)
Do check it out please and vote if you like it .


I don't like it when people advertise on my posts


Sorry .
Wont happen again .

hola excelente dame tu voto

Nice info

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I really liked to read something new

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