Ellis county Public Hunting area Rte 283 to Blue Jacket OK (not really hunting )

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Quartz Mtn St Park to Kaw City (Danny Kaye flown around the world for Unicef in a short range reconniassance plane)He was a Air Force General & actor)Mt Herman OK to Blue Jacket OK Ken suffered from depression before dying in 2002 I questioned is that normal Some people said that is I had symptoms of suffering from a mini stroke in 2002 on right side Bill suffered from prostate cancer and stroke on left side in 2006 after having a complete exam while patient at the hospital His had gall stones that got large within 2 weeks while being a patient at the hospital The doctor said If I operate on him That would kill him removing the gall stones He roomed most of the time with a man that looked like Colonel Mike Merkle that died There was a noisy beam that is over my head most of the time now that use to visit at night and sometimes during the day Does not talk I noticed just before just about everyone was evacuated from this area seemed like there was caution using this machine and then when most of the people left The machine could be noticed Do not know if that machine is a camera or a magnet After Bill feel out of the swing and broke his hip I came to his house and walked around where the swing he was sitting in and smelled some type of chemical Did not understand these machines very well then I still believe a program was used for a short while in Hocking and Vinton county that is more like a psychological satellite that tricks the mind in believing the person being targeted smells something and no vapors are actually around the person Some reason believe that program is worth a lot of money or only a certain satellite has that program

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