History of the hlel at Haram part 2 END

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the end of the week arrives and after k I thought well I told him yes we spoke to the tel and he came to see me after school ... after kelk days we became close kind I know him for years ... .alors One day I was talking to him and I told him that I liked him and that I am serious about him and he told me something that shocked me. asked prsk y'avai friends to him who told him about me and he di di kj am a bitch and kj fate vc several guys for fun ... Then he told me "but after ke I talked to you and I did not see you a whore "... I told you that he shocked me for the 2nd faith he told me names (guys) I spoke to facebook and that I considered friends .... then he di kil me it di di I dress like whores ... So I start crying he di di "do not worry wallah I believe them not .. me you like me and I know you're serious too but will have to change things okey !! "Me: Okey

But you gotta change things okey me: okey him: bah tt first stop attending bcp d people chose your shab ..puis do not dress more like before Setri rouhek okey me: OK we agreed but has every day that passes his shab (girl and guys) to invent rumors about me for kil separates but hmdoulah he thought me more keu he was all jealous and they told him kil interested more had then they made a plan to get my family back in all that one day after school my boyfriend came to see me and there they telephoned to my brother they ask him to come ... ..after he came to us he comes to us my reuf : salam alaykoum us: salam him: you crazy Koi the? Me: I've just got out: get in the car we get home we get home he made me go to my room him: you did Koi laba me: well nothing: w'Allah the next time it will be your death ... you come out of school directly at home ... we give it to me anymore (I give it to him) fai gaf !! he comes out of my room my sisters come back to him tells tt then I get his so and I apel my boyfriend him: wesh sava .. me: yes tnqt him: j just meet your neighbor and he told me your reuf you are typing ... c true me: no there is nothing tnkt at the end of this week c my annif i spend the week until the day of my anni on thursday my mother woke me up at 5am from sbah my mother: my daughter get up to me : wesh mma she is 5h her: no my daughter your grandfather lheq lrehmet rebbi Y'a an hour me: kooii !!! (My grandfather, my dear, I am very close to him, but my father

A year goes to our relationship and every day that passes we get closer despite all the problems and more after my brother forbade me to see him next to the school we see more So we decided to see a a little far from the eyes of the people who Coni so I started to go out with (c the first guy vc who j out w'allah) and so we also started to make mistakes at first I did not feel good and after I told my man he told me "tnkt w'Allah ana nsetrek I will never let you be to me my hlel ... .promise" and I believed it after kelk months .... I had a little trip to high school and I wanted to leave because there will be all my classmates and my girlfriend I asked permission to my family and my boyfriend and they agreed .... So I went to this excursion we were 40 chicks and guys but it did not go well because you had alcohol and shit ... then me and my shab escaped the troop vc three good guys On my return home I talked to my boyfriend and he was very angry and he said to me "ta fai Koi" me: walou prk him: t on k ta nothing fai me: yes him: let me tell you So ... part of that shit and laba you did what you want with another guy me: but Koi you talk to him: stop doing the beast you know well of Koi I speak. c my shab ki m'la di you saw me: then you believe me more or Koi him: yes break you want more of you in my life slut (dsl for the word) me: yes your reason chui a slut after tt what i did i must be one ... but tnkt you will see me more in your life i close the line ..after my visit to the doctor, he told me that nothing was done but I did not want to see a psychologist and I did not want to because I was already 2 and I did not like it because she asked me questions me me I had no answer. After my visit I came home I started to think about my life ... my studies in j am very good but I can not choose what I want .. my mother who has me trust me and I betrayed her ... and I ask myself esk the God will forgive me for all that .. little by little my eyes are closed and I am going to spend a month ... .bah I am always with my friend except kon goes very well .... telephone conversation him: (...) T on k are you ok !!? me: yes tnkt him: but go yj know you very well about me: bah y'a kelk days kj think about this kon a fai and i think i c fau him: okey! I understand what you feel about me: a joy of sah my like it sounds c my 3 shab they have all had ... and my boyfriend also congratulates me and throws me a news of wow he told me that after 2week he will come to my house vc his parents me khtob I'm throwing the news to my mother and my sister and my friend to donate to these darons ... .the two weeks pass and the good day arrives and it is to pass very well a year after we are married well. on the time I did my studies and hmdoulah we live very well we have a little kid.


This is emotionally. These are challenges we face when oneself is in love with the other party but the other party turns ones love down.

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