History of the hlel at Haram part 1

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at a young age 14_15years ago I had a guy that I liked he was very nice and very shy ... after a little time thanks to a friend we became better then a couple I was very good unfortunately this guy lost his father lah yerhem i was good at these side .. after kelk months he changed the egg he did not call me too much so i decided to do mm thing but after my girlfriend me di kilfau kj told him and Then I decided to call him ...📲I told him yes, but his voice did not say that, I could not have said enough about him, and I was interested in him as before and then he told me with a sad voice at the time mm angry "me I do not have that you in my life ... since k the father is not there any more I am more the ptt kid I have a family of whom I have me to occupy "and these words I had tears in my eyes ... so I asked him for forgiveness and he too
since that day he reminded me more mm thing for me and décvuedr to separate me from him (psk I am felt selfish and I'm not the good in + I'm still young for TT that)
since those days I did not spend my time on facebook I spoke a lot of guys but no one knew me by sight

I spent my Bem (I had it) and I spent my holidays a little part of the beach in the morning and d evenings nights (vc the family) I enjoy my time before the fall

kelk thing about me i'm a girl who wears no veil i still dress vc dresses and mini shorts and pants bobbin ..i never justify my acts to anyone

I have only one true shab one is of the mm age I know him in the cem

at the start of school there was a guy with whom I spoke on fb this guy there came to high school he asked my neighbor ki was also his friend to show me so that he recognized me after he asked me and I've told him I'll give him the answer in a week (to follow)



Awesome and well written, Thanks for sharing History of the hlel, @sobiakanwal

I am not sure if this is a continuation to some previous story, but its coming out a good fiction :-)

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