Homebrew (Flash Fiction)

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Rob woke to the familiar combination of homemade cherry schnapps, confusion and pain.

“Uggh!” he exclaimed as he yanked himself up, still unaware of his precarious predicament, “what the hell?!”

Noticing the, easily fatal, sheer drop sobered him up pretty quickly. Jumping to his feet, his mind raced for an explanation, searched for a faint memory on which to latch, nothing materialised. Must have been some night.

He wandered down, what he assumed by its appearance, to be a car park, not sure where he was going. The effects of the foul-tasting liquor his close friend always insisted was a treasured family recipe crept back as the adrenaline subsided, and his mind became foggy. The injury to the back of his head, that he had yet to notice, didn’t exactly help his state of mind. Both confused and slightly panicked he kept walking down and down the spiral road.

After several minutes he stopped, frustrated by lack of answers and the increasing throbbing pain coming from the back of his skull. It all looked the same. The spiral had just repeated over and over since he began walking. It didn’t seem to end.

Had he not been in such a rough state he probably would have been more careful when looking over the edge, hoping to catch a glimpse of the bottom.

His foot slipped. Panicked, he reached out as he fell and grabbed hold of, what was just a moment prior, the floor. He could only hold on for a fraction of a second as his entire body weight pulled him from his grip. His back slammed into the concrete first, followed swiftly by the already injured back of his head. His consciousness was fleeting following the blow, the world rapidly diminished into a few blurry waves. Then darkness....

Rob woke to the familiar combination of homemade cherry schnapps, confusion and pain.

“Uggh!” he exclaimed as he yanked himself up, still unaware of his precarious predicament, “what the hell?!”


Here's my little flash fiction story for day 244 of the 365 Days of Writing Challenge by @mydivathings

Photo by Jaredd Craig on Unsplash


Woah! I loved this one.

Thanks, keep the great pics coming :)

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Very clever. Love it!

Thanks, love your "Sight unseen, a story in 50 words." I need to do one of those. I've looked a few times, but 50 words? That's tricky stuff.

You should try @feltbuzz's weekly zapfic contest. That's even more challenging with only 232 characters to work with!

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