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George felt like the darkness was creeping into his life

His temper was flaring as he and Harris combed the are for any sight of the staff but it was no where too be found. The day was now getting dark and George feared that the staff could be all but lost already. He was finding it hard to be hopeful.

"I'm sorry George. I didn't mean for this to happen." George gave him a stern look which lasted for few seconds. "I'll punch you if you don't stopped talking. I promise I will."

Harris tore hiss eyes from George's immediately immediate and bent down to continue the search. The air was gradually becoming chilly and the Harris kept sobbing like he was going to cry. George knew he shouldn't be so hard on Harris but he just couldn't help it. The boy had never done anything right all his life and should never have taken the staff in the first place especially as he knew the power that the staff welded. What would have happened if he he had gotten hurt?

There were just four days left till the Solstice occurred and this was hardly the time forgotten things to get worse. George took leave of searching and sat down on a patch of grass where he stayed folding his legs to his chest and cursing at his luck. Harris made to sit close to him but George didn't let that happen. He got up as quick as he could and trudged towards the house, not minding how Harris would takes it.

When George got to the house, he met Cordelia and Nora having a heated argument. They stopped when they saw him arrive.

"Where have you been?" Cordelia questioned. George didn't answer her and headed inside the house. Nora called after him built he declined answering as he stormed into his room and bolted the door behind him.

He kept pacing the floor, his legs making contact the clothes that were strewn all over the place. The only thing he'd could think of now was getting the staff back. The problem was how he was going to do it when he couldn't even locate it. He recalled once reading that the staff could conceal itself from danger. He wondered if that was the case here. Sometimes, magic was a problem. He wondered if a time would come when he wouldn't have to worry about anything but himself.

All his life had been filled with taking care of others, making sure everyone around was doing alright. Yet, he was human and had a life to live himself.

An idea suddenly struck him and he zipped to the table and finding his book of Counted spells, he brushed the others, not bathing his eyes even as they collapsed to the floor. He skimmed through the table of content until he found the chapter on location spells. There were several ones described there but none pointed to locating anything of magic origin.

"No!" he screamed, as he threw the book towards their wall where it hit gave a thud and several pages came undone.

He sank to his chair again and bent his head to the desks, wanting to forget everything. It was all he could to stop himself from crying.

A knock on the door was left unanswered. Two more aroused him and he shouted, "Leave me alone, I don't want to see anyone!"

"That's not wise, George." It was Mr Logan's voice and George trudged to the door and unbolted it, making room for the one man he respected to come in. He lingered around the door, turning around just to watch Mr Logan sit on himself bed.

"Come here, have a seat!" he beckoned on George who reluctantly complied.

Mr. Logan looked at George as he hid his face between his hands.

"Sometimes, it's better not to conceal your fears, your worries. It's not really about what you want to do but what you have to."

He reached out to and placed his hand on George's back and George twitched slightly. "A problem shared doesn't necessarily brings the solution but it lightens the burden."

George sat up straight to look up at Mr Logan. "It's gotten bad Mr. Logan. It's really bad!"

"Tell me about it," he requested.

George narrated everything that had occurred from the vision he had in the Thorank state till the event of Harris misplacing the staff and his failure at finding a solution. Mr. Logan kept his features schooled throughout the duration of George’s narrative and drank in everything he like it was his favorite brand of wine.

He allowed some few seconds before speaking. George looked at Mr. Logan, difficult to decipher what the man was thinking. True to the fact, he felt lighter having spoken about it but there still was the puzzle of the staff to be solved.

"Harris acted unwisely in taking the staff, that cannot be brushed away but you didn't act better either by making him feel worse. That boy has gone through a lot in recent times and what's to say you would have to acted differently?"

"These are tough times George but if there's anyone who's can overcome, it's you. It's why you were brought here. You are destiny's child!"
.George hit his leg on the floor wanting to vent hiss frustration. He was tired already, tired of having to be looked upon as a savior of some kind, he was human too and had his own issues."

"Calm down son. I think the right thing to do right now is to pay a visit to Harris' father. That's if he's not already pissed with your handling of his son." He stood up suddenly and tapped George on his shoulders. "Grab your coat, let's pay the librarian a visit."

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