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Part Two: Road Trip

Note #15

Jenkins is sitting on the couch with the guitar strumming it trying to figure out how to play. I’m also on the couch, Louise is in the easy chair that formerly had been my Grandma’s designated spot. Louise is watching a baseball game munching away on her fingernails as the Detroit Tigers are taking on her hated Yankees.

“Hey kiddo...,” Louise looks at Jenkins. “Ya think ya could take that twanger outside or somethin’...? I can’t concentrate on the game.”

Then a United States Postal Service truck pulls up to Louise’s postbox that stands next to the road. The postman opens the door of the box and puts in an envelope.

“That’s probly my disability check!” Louise rushes out the door and is at the side of the road in no time. Then in a flash she’s back in the house, grabs her car keys from off the top of the refrigerator. Back outside she fires up the Chevy and soon it’s sputtering up Acorn Parkway.

“I guess she’s off to hit the big one,” Jenkins hits a ‘G’ chord.

“Yeah...,” I agree. “Just hope she doesn’t get too worked up and run into that big oak tree on the way.”

Photo by CirrosisAguda

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