The Teenage Girl's Robot Army -- Part III ~Finale~

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[Part III ~Finale~]

Over the course of a day, Carmen and Blaine prepared themselves, arming up their best robots and moving them into position, ready to smash the Alliance’s machines into glowing pieces of slag. Blaine brought his tablet, while Carmen used her command rig. Their plan would play to each other’s strengths, with Carmen attacking from the air while Blaine rolled in from the ground. Carmen had butterflies in her stomach as she anticipated the battle to come.

Finally, the day of the battle came, and their forces were arrayed out on the screen, ready to do battle with the Alliance.

“Stay under me. I’ll cover you,” Carmen said as her fixed-wing drones and helicopters flew over the desert, ready to shoot at anything threatening them. Blaine’s rovers flew in bulky transport drones, the only aircraft he owned. When their drones got near Tweed Heads, Blaine deployed his rovers, which got into formation in a snap.

“Artillery ahead!” Carmen said. Blaine took notice of his leading formation and had them line up to blast the unfamiliar weapon – an awesome structure standing on spider legs with a mammoth rotary gun pointing skyward. As Blaine’s machines launched grenade after grenade at it, the turret turned away from the attacking force, fired a rocket, then rotated its barrel. Before long, several rockets went screaming into the sky, flying well away from Carmen and Blaine’s robots.

“Ha! Alliance guns can’t aim!” Blaine said, smirking as the artillery he was shooting at crumbled in a heap of charred circuitry.

Carmen glanced at her map. “No…they were aiming at Brisbane,” she said. Much as she wanted to savage the guns right away, she knew better than to fall into such an obvious trap. Enemy ravens and wedgetails advanced toward her aircraft, and she proceeded to blast them straight on, stopping them before they could fire their missiles. With bullet, bomb, and beam, Carmen sent the enemy birds crashing to the ground in flames, ignoring the missile volleys in the distance. Blaine would take care of those.

Was that supposed to frighten me?, Carmen thought as the last of the ravens fell. She surveyed the ground; Blaine’s forces had the Alliance on the run, even with all the humans around. Without their air support, they darted around in a panic, looking for human shields as Blaine delivered acid missiles that penetrated the enemy’s armor and corroded their insides. Still, it took everything he had to avoid casualties; the enemy began burning houses to smoke out large crowds of people, then they corralled the people into narrow places, hugging close to them to make Blaine hesitate.

“Hang on, let me hit them from above!” Carmen said.

“Stay focused on the air! Incoming missiles!” replied Blaine. Carmen checked her map; an unbelievable mass of missiles surged in all around her, a counterattack from the artillery bombarding Brisbane earlier. It didn’t matter where they were aimed; Carmen resolved herself to stop them.

“Intercept!” she commanded her robots. They flew in to meet the missiles, then blasted the ones that looked like they might have fallen on Tweed Heads. Determined to win, she blasted every missile that pointed its nose downward, firing long-range if she had to.

Then the missiles that weren’t pointing downward exploded, releasing a cloud of hummingbirds that decimated large swaths of Carmen’s air drones. Helicopters and planes fell like burning confetti, exploding on the desert sand beneath. She managed to stop a few of them before they released their payloads, but the damage had already been done. Having lost most of her helicopters, she had to depend on planes armed with explosives.

She viewed Tweed Heads again. The enemy now held Blaine at a stalemate, leaving him unable to advance without hurting the people. Carmen lingered on the image for a moment, wondering what to do.

BEEP. A call from the Baron.

“Here’s a hint: launch a few bombs at the robots and you win not only the battle, but a lot of abandoned properties,” he said.

“Only talk to me about serious matters,” replied Carmen.

“I’m only trying to help, little human.” Carmen hung up on him and went back to observing Blaine. She searched and searched for some kind of hole, some type of flaw in the defense that she could exploit. Looking for something she could use, she searched her weapon inventory. Her own rovers would only add to the stalemate, and they were guarding the rest of her holdings anyway. Hoping the enemy missed something, she searched her fliers’ weapon inventory. Cluster bombs, homing missiles, fragmentation grenades – nothing but explosives, explosives, and more explosives. She got to the very bottom of the list on one of her planes.

One of her EMP bombs. She found her solution.

“Blaine, shoot the enemy with bullets,” Carmen said.

“They’re not giving me a clear shot. I’ll only graze them at best,” replied Blaine.

“It will be more than enough.” Carmen watched with bated breath as Blaine lined the enemy up. With utmost care, he landed a few well-placed hits on the enemy robots, puncturing them and exposing frayed wires and computer chips. Carmen, anxious to push the button, waited for Blaine to finish punching the holes. Once every robot had some damage, she told him to clear his forces out.

Both Carmen’s and Blaine’s forces scattered, leaving just one plane. It delivered the payload.

The enemy robots, if they didn’t shut down on the spot, stumbled around thanks to their GPS and vision systems going haywire.

“Have at them, Blaine,” Carmen said. Blaine’s rovers made short work of the once dangerous Alliance robots, all with minimal human casualties. Before long, he moved on to the artillery, destroying them with casual ease.

BEEP. The Baron again.

“Little human, such crafty, underhanded tactics –– why do you fight so hard to protect those who would take from you? That you wouldn’t jump at the chance to slaughter your countrymen and reach a level of power rivaling my own – it doesn’t make sense!” the Baron said.

“The answer is simple: if I don’t protect them, I will have nobody to screw. And don’t talk to me about screwing robots either, because I like human unpredictability,” replied Carmen.

“So you fight to defend only men? Typical human hypocrisy,” replied the Baron.

“I like both.” As Carmen said that, Blaine destroyed the last of the artillery. Carmen could hear a cheer rising up from the people below.

Carmen and Blaine returned their robots to their properties, satisfied with a job well done. All the tension in Carmen’s heart disappeared, finally allowing her to relax.

“I’ll have to gather a team to help with the reconstruction. There’s only so much I can do with what I have left,” Carmen said, laying back in her chair and observing the damage in Brisbane.

“Don’t gather that team just yet,” Blaine said, advancing toward Carmen.

“Why no – ah!” Carmen soon found herself lying in a pair of toned, fit arms.

“We need to celebrate our victory,” Blaine answered. Carmen’s surprise turned into joy as Blaine took her away, ready to make her yelp with lust.

BEEP. It was William. Not getting an answer, the boy had to leave a message.

“Mum and Dad won’t let me grab all the abandoned property. Could you take some of it and give it to me? Thanks,” he said into the answering machine. Carmen figured she would deal with it later; right now, she had better things to do, flat on her back.

The Teenage Girl's Robot Army
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