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Jay who is being raised by his uncle and his wife due to the death of his parent has been so much of a burden to them. He has always been a source of worry to them. Doing things that make them restless, worried, and most times in search of him. And now, they discovered that he was taking cocaine too....

"You're leaving this house Jay and no-one is going to stop that. So, pack your things and prepare to leave. You hear me? Prepare to leave." Jay thought of leaving to Jeremy's house of course but he didn't know what came over him and he found himself on his knees begging his uncle already and couldn't help but keep up with it.

"I'm so sorry, uncle. I won't do it again. I was misled, I thought it would help me out of misery but now, I know I was wrong. I promise never to do this again. If peradventure I do it again, just send me packing without accepting my apology..." His uncle interrupted "And have I accepted this one before we talk about another??"

"Ok, have your seat. You see, I treat you like my very own son, I care for you, I do the best I think a father can do for his boy, I try to advise you. Now, can you tell me which part I have failed or which part I left untouched?" "Ok, I agree you tried your best but the issue is that it's not about you, it's about me. I am not able to forgive myself for for..." "For what?? Did you kill them??" "No, I didn't. I just blame myself for being there and I couldn't help" (sobs) "I understand, it's not your fault. There was nothing you could have done, just take it easy on yourself."

They were still in this discussion when his Uncle's wife came in. She was shocked to see Jay's crying on his seat. It was more like something that had never happened before and her handbag dropped in surprise, she quickly picked up her bag to avoid unnecessary attention, then she went in, and was back in a few minutes. They both loved Jay like he was their son. She sat beside him to pet him first before proceeding to ask him what had happened. She had nothing to say when Jay told her what had happened. The only thing she could remember she heard was "cocaine"


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This is nice.
My Entry: The story has ended. The uncle's wife was too shock to find out a boy they had looked after and given everything to make comfortable is off the wagon and she had no clue.
She, being a mother will not send Jay away, she will do whatever it takes to make sure Jay gets out of doing drugs and keeping bad company.

Valid entry, Cousin!

Thanks @pearlumie for the opportunity,

Well I think Jay's aunt will begin to get worried and scared at the same time, the thought of Jay getting into more trouble and probably getting arrested will cloud her mind

Jay, will turn a new leaf, but he will become an object of fear and pity to his uncles wife

Valid entry!

This story can't end here, I think Jay maybe asked to go far from Jeremy and that will include going to live under another guardian(probably a school or person) somewhere else to help him clear off his hunted mind

Valid entry!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

No the story can not end there, the fact that the woman got lost when she heard about the word cocaine means she never expected Jay could take cocaine, but am sure they will give him another chance to correct his mistakes and stay away from drugs, the problem now is will Jay be able to stop, I don't think so

Valid entry!

This is a real twist... I never thought it will play
out like this. Jay begging his uncle and he's forgiven but it's all good. Waiting for the next episode.

Great job @pearlumie


Thanks for this opportunity @pearlumie . I've done all the necessary requirements. Like i said earlier you're a really good writer and what i love most is that you write about the various ills endangering the youths of the world.

Now on to the question.
No, the story hasn't ended. Even though it seems to have ended it hasn't because jay is a human and like all humans, the first experience of something sweet matters a lot. And I've heard from a lot of people, though i haven't tried it before, that cocaine is really good.
Though it seems jay's calm now and it'll all end with happily ever after it won't cause his friend Jeremy will surely come to him bearing gifts (and by gifts you know what i mean). Due to the high stimulating power of cocaine he won't be able to refuse it. And when he finally takes it, he'll try to hide it from his uncle and aunt which will lead jay to a new era of telling lies and keeping late nights.

And when they finally find out, as usual they will be really pissed with him, disappointed and confused too because they thought he had finally turned a new leaf. But now no amount of sweet talk will stop them from sending him packing

Valid entry!

This one is tricky oo.

interesting story following you dear for more posts like this in future :)

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Click on the air clinic's server and you'll be in air clinic

Thanks alot,I just joined.My last night dream is related to what I saw there .😁


Tricky it is bro.
Upvoted boss, always gat ur back @davesmith

Wow there is a new turn to the story

Jay actually is going through some psychological stress as a result of his parents death. He thinks that he should have done something to stop the death of his parents and he blames himself for this.

Jay's Uncle and Aunty seem to love Jay as their own son. Going by the fact that they love Jay, they would actually realize that sending out someone who they love out of their house for an offence committed would be sending him out to be destroyed. The best thing that they would realise is that they have to make Jay realise that it is no ones fault that Jay's parents have died. They are actually shocked by Jay's action, but that would not make them send Jay out. Jay would be taken for counsel so as to calm him down from his fears, guilt and belief that he killed his parents.