The encounter

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It was around 8:00 pm, I just finished my dinner, I was also not going to forget my cough syrup which I had earlier bought from the pharmacist before dashing to work. Though I had the flu, I hesitated taking the medication in compliance with the pharmacists advice. The codeine content of the drug meant it would be very effective in undoing the symptoms of the flu, but at the same time it would make me drowsy and unable to work.

Now would be the perfect time to take it, after eating and before going to bed.

After sipping the required quantity, I put down the bottle and brought out my phone first to read some Facebook posts, then continue reading an e book which I had earlier downloaded.

Moments later, I began feeling dizzy, but I really wanted to make gains with the book
because I was enjoying it. Five more pages and I will pack the dishes from from the front lawn where I had sat, to the kitchen, then I will dive staight into bed, so I told myself.

Kweeeeeeeehhhhhhh!!!! Was the sound that woke me up, it was pitch black, my lanterns battery was depleted so I had to scramble for my phone which I discovered on the floor because I almost stepped on it. What had happened? I quickly checked the time, it was 1:00 am. Reconciling it to when I took the drug, I realised I had fallen asleep on the front lawn for over 6 hours now.

Picking up the dishes, I began to walk briskly back into my room. On reaching the porch, I noticed it was locked. Feeling my pockets impatiently confirmed they were not on me. I decided to set the plates down and go check where I had sat. But I was not ready for what came next, the voice of two people conversing where I had sat less than 2 minutes ago sent chills down my spine which almost paralysed me for some seconds. The goose bumps made my skin rough to the feel.

Could these muffled conversations be real, or just the cough syrup messing with my neurotransmitters?
The sound of footsteps pacing my front porch confirmed my fears. People where there. How many? I didn't know.

I immediately placed a 911 call, my battery was 1 percent. Just as the responder asked what my emergency was, the phone quit. Perfect!

I had no choice than to summon some courage. I wanted to break my glass door, rush in, get the fire axe and prepare to engage any unfortunate soul who would dare confront me while I use the land line to put the cops on call.

Then it down on me, they could be many of them and the sound of shattering glass would just spook them to take better defensive positions and I may just succeed in making myself hostage to these people if they were even humans.

It felt like a lifetime since I left the front lawn. A very very cool breeze suddenly came along, lasting for some seconds, it then stopped, so did the muffled conversations. Then came the sounds of cutleries and dishes, clanging from the same position where I heard the conversations. I must be dreaming I wished...(to be continued)

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