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Snapping back to reality, she gathered herself together and taking a deep breath, she came and sat by her daughter. ‘Cylia, you know you’re all I have, in fact you’re my entire life . You can talk to me. I don’t want to see you like this, for days you’ve not been yourself and I know. You can talk to me. Pls talk to your mother my child. It’s us against the world, you know we can fight everything as long as we’re together’

Cylia lacking the energy to talk got up, wiped her bum of sand and started walking back into the house ‘mother, am fine, there’s nothing I need to tell you, it’s all ok’ with that she moved into the house and even though it was just 6pm, she went to bed.

Having completed her training at the fashion school, the days now seemed boring and void of activities. It was just the fashion week she looked forward to. She was almost done with the preparations and wasn’t even excited about it at all unlike the other girls. That afternoon she was supposed to have a meeting with the proprietor, Miss Beatrice. It was one pm and Cylia was still in bed having no energy at all to get up and get ready. Her mother had gone to the clinic where she served as a ward assistant and would be back in an hour’s time ‘

‘I better get out of this house before mother gets back,’ she thought to herself and with that got out of bed and as she stood on her feet she realized she was really hungry so she made her way to the kitchen instead. Kay was a very good cook , in fact, according to Christie, Cylia’s only friend, she was the best in the whole of Brethmond.

She helped herself to a bowl of spaghetti and egg sauce which her mum had prepared before she left home that morning. Just then there was a knock on the door and then the familiar voice,
‘Cee, are you home?’

That was the troublesome , ever active and never resting Christie. She would be twenty in a few weeks but had the smile of a ten year old. That smile everyone agreed could change the entire world. She was just a few months older than Cylia but could step into the shoes of a god-mother anytime any day

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This articles are quit very interesting. Hope to see more boss


This articles are
Quit very interesting.
Hope to see more boss

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