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Cylia couldn’t believe this could really be happening to her. It has been two weeks since Terry left for the capital. Words couldn’t express the level of anxiety that had built up inside of her.

Every passing moment was spent in expectation of a call, the much awaited call, this made her hold unto her little phone like her life depended on it.
‘Cylia?’ … ‘Cylia?’

The next thing she knew was that someone pushed her hard. She jumped on her feet. ‘oh my goodness , mother?’ ‘Cylia , what is eating you up?’

Cylia’s mother Kay came down the three step stairs in the front of their home. This home where she and her husband Steve spent all their married years and had just this beautiful soul for daughter. It’s such a pity she thought, if only he has survived that accident.

Even now, after almost ten solid years it still felt like yesterday. That faithful day in June, it had been a beautiful morning with such a beautiful weather and it was their anniversary.

Steve had left home quite early to make it to town and be back before noon for the lunch party they were hosting to mark their twelve years of being together.

It had been the best twelve years of their lives.

to be continued...


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