Chapter 2 - Nancy wants a magic doll

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This is a fictional story written by Barbie and edited by me. Please check out chapter 1 here

Soon enough, the day came that Boz would sell the first one of his life dolls. There was a girl who loved dolls with all of her heart and her name was Nancy. She was just 8 years old and she had always wished to have a magic doll. She was determined to get one for her imminent birthday. She complained to her Mom about being unable to wait another week for her birthday. Her Mum laughed and assured her that the days would fly by and it would doon be her birthday. She also promised to do everything possible to get Nancy a magical doll. Nancy was very happy to hear this and so she ceased complaining and settled down to count the days and hours until she could have her doll.

To be continued...

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