The wardens office

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It was strange how he just stood there, naked and defiant in the shining light. In all my years of service I had never seen a prisoner behave like this before.
Where was the fear?
Why was this man's resolve so strong?
Those were the questions I asked myself before I watched the warden signal for us to bring the man closer. It was a struggle to push him forward, he didn't fight back but he sure as hell wasn't making it easy.
Who is this guy?
Just another question to float across my mind.
It takes three of us to force the prisoner into a seat facing the warden. Who pours himself a glass of whisky and gulps it down in a single mouthful.
"You know why you are here inmate?" He asks cautiously.
The prisoner lifts his head showing the bruises,his eye all but closed over.
"Of course I do" the prisoner growls "the question is, do you?"
The warden rocks back in his chair and gives a roar of laughter.
"I am the warden of this yard son, I know all that happens here" still chuckling the warden pours another drink. But as he goes to gulp it down the prisoner launches to his feet breaking the chains as his arms snap out grabbing the other guards by the throat. I take a step back as I watch the bodies of my workmates hit the floor.
The naked man glances at me grinning and then lunges across the table, toppling the warden over in his chair.

The lights go out.
"For fucks sake kid! Will you ever get it right?"
The lights come back on, but now the room is blank and empty. A door opens in the far corner, the captain and the warden enter.
"Once again you let the boss die" the captain snarls.
The warden let's out a laugh "oh don't worry so much, these simulations... They're only as good as they are real!"