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Click clack whirr

The figure shuddered gently as the creator tweaked a screw here, tightened a bolt there.

Click clack whirr

Its gentle shudderings began to slow as, bit by bit, the gears and cogs within it fell more and more into place.

Click clack whirr

Click clack whirr

To his right, the infant girl slept on, undisturbed the the creature's machinations or its creator's tinkering. The creator looked over at her with a gaze full of love and fatherly care.

Daddy's. Little. Girl.

Click clack whirr

Click clack whirr

A tiny smile appeared on the girl's face, and the creator smiled back, reaching out to gently caress her cheek.

Click clack

His hand stopped, a cold vice encircling his wrist.

His gaze, starting out as elation, quickly turned to disbelief, then horror, as the hand pulled him about, forcing him to look his creation in the face.


Two orange orbs blinked, and before his mouth could utter a single sound,


Oblivious to all, the little girl slept on, even as her father's hand lay gently on her cheek. A brief wrinkle, an unpleasant thought, shot through her dreaming mind, and she squirmed uncomfortably, causing her father's hand to slide down her face before reaching its final rest on the floor below.

Whirr. Whirr. Whirr.

The key turned thrice, and life went on.



Tick tock

When is more coming?

Tick tock

More should be coming a few days from now. It took a bit longer to plan out the story, and my audio commissions have been taking up a lot of my time, but I will be taking a few hours out of each day to work on this and hopefully start posting at least once every couple of days, once I finish plotting out the story

(this one will be a bit longer, around the same length as Masterpiece, and is an exclusive, original work for Steemit. The other stories I posted thus far have been written previously but not published, which is why it is taking longer than expected.)

I wanted to post a lot more often, and in fact planned to, but then every single contact I had requested my services at once right before the holidays and I've been busy ever since- I just now am getting caught up.

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