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RE: No Longer Alone [A terrifying short tale]

in #fiction5 years ago

Great suggestion from @manoldonchev about the illustration although I was creating my own image of the monster in this one which is up to the reader to form this mental vision of what that entity would look like.

Awesome story telling and I was feeling the child's bravery myself, wanting him to defeat this thing and confront his fear - brilliantly told :)


Yes I am of a similar mind set - if I could use no picture at all that would be ideal honestly.. hence the generic pixabay skull floating door weird thing I got going on now...! Thanks loads for reading, and for the comment - it means a lot!

Well, there are a few graphic designers on here who can create something for you, whether it's a logo or just a general blog post thumbnail that you can use - it's always good to have a cover image/thumbnail for blogs so you can entice people in to your amazing story telling! @zord186 @gabrielatravels might be able to help if it's something you were interested in.

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