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Margaret Trudeau, mother of Justin Trudeau, 23rd Prime Minister of Canada, and wife to Pierre Trudeau, 15th Prime Minister of Canada, visited Cuba in 1971. Justin Trudeau was born in December, 1971. Raul Castro, Fidel’s brother and Justin’s uncle, stepped down as the 18th President of Cuba on January 16th, 2019. He announced his resignation during a joint press conference with Justin Trudeau, as translated into English:

As I am now 88 years old, it is past time for me to step down from my position as President of the Socialist Republic of Cuba. It is my pleasure to name my successor, my own nephew, Justin Trudeau. Actually Justin Sinclair, and still Prime Minister of Canada, he will now jointly rule over Cuba and Canada, bringing our great Socialist Republic of Cuba into the modern age as an ally of her powerful neighbor and family member to the north.

After the insanity over Trudeau died down, and people accepted that his last name was actually his mother’s maiden name, people went into an uproar over a particularly un-democratic phrase of Raul’s: “he will jointly rule over Cuba and Canada.” This caused a 6-month long investigation into the legalities of a sitting Prime Minister of Canada jointly holding the highest office of another nation. Nothing in the Canadian Constitution expressly prohibits this, so it was introduced as a bill and voted on by the people. The legality of the proposition narrowly passed at 51%, allowing a sitting Prime Minister of a democratic, first-world country to jointly be a dictator of a communist, socialist, third-world country.

It had a bumpy beginning. Canadians, typically stereotyped as apologetic and likeable, went into an uproar after Trudeau’s, actually, Sinclair’s, first trip to Cuba. How was he to attend properly to Canada if he was always abroad, ruling his other country, they asked? The answer was, very diplomatically. He spent three weeks in Cuba, skyping with his Deputy Prime Minister on Canadian matters while playing heavy-handed with Canada’s and Cuba’s trade policies. The immediate and best outcome of his appointment as Cuba’s next dictator was that the U.S. immediately lifted all trade sanctions on Cuba, and the country’s economy flourished almost overnight. Americans vacationed in Cuba en masse, while buying Cuban cigars like there was no tomorrow. Cuba became a vacation destination for Canadians as well.

Trudeau performed one unequivocally dictatorial act before rewriting the Cuban constitution and turning it into a true democratic republic: he designated 9/10ths of its lands as national parks, preserving Havana and other large cities’ supremacy in the process by allowing them to make their own decisions about lands circling their cities in a 15-mile radius.

Cuba became a hotspot for scientists, who discovered amazing things in island biogeography and geology. Additionally, the sovereign waters around Cuba were designated a marine sanctuary and they became a sort of environmentally-friendly Disney-like vacation destination. People from all over the world, especially from China, traveled to Cuba’s shores to snorkel and swim with the protected marine life.

For his part, Trudeau died of a heart attack in 2028 at 57 years of age, presumably from the stress of ruling two countries.


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Hahahahaa I saw what you did there and I appreciate the twist at the end but thanks for giving me some info to work with inthe whole castro trudeau thing ... what matters is what actions are taken and I hope he earns his chance or is voted out ... meritocratic like


Haha thanks. I personally don't think he's Fidel's love child. I was listening to a Scott Adams Periscope when he mentioned the hypothesis and I thought that it sounded like the best poli sci fiction plot I've heard in a while!


yeah I have heard it online from a few different places, but you just took it and ran with it haha thanks I needed that

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